MEETING DATE:  November 15, 2006


PERSON PRESIDING:   Marianna Walker  


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Lillian Burke, Juan Daneri, Tom Douglass, Michael Duffy, Marianna Walker, James Wirth  


EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Larry Boyer, Kathy Cable, Ginny Sconiers (for Elmer Poe), Dottie Spencer, Beth Winstead


OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Jeff Coghill, Vickie Dautridge,



ACTIONS OF MEETING: Minutes of the October 18 meeting were approved.


Dr. Spencer noted that the Health Sciences Library has accommodated requests for extended hours.


Walker announced that the Libraries Committee will not meet in December. The next meeting therefore is scheduled for January 17 at 3 p.m.


Dr. Boyer noted that the library does not yet have a budget and report to share with the Committee. The library continues to spend money for purchases and services. Boyer has visited nearly all the departments of the library. He said that we will continue to talk about the library’s organization and how the library intends to change. Boyer spoke briefly about services and noted that he is presently looking into concerns about space.


Spencer discussed the positive impact of the new Health Sciences Library building. She  said that small problems are being fixed. The building feels like home in its staff-friendly environment. She noted that windows in the individual offices have made a difference.


Spencer talked about the upcoming event hosted by Laupus for the ECU faculty author recognition program . This is the second year of the program but the first hosted in the new building. The library is very pleased with the University’s response. The library for its part is helping to acknowledge and celebrate the culture of research at ECU.  She note that the transition in the health sciences division from a deanship to a vice-chancellorship is a very positive move. She acknowledged the strength of the new division head, Dr. Phyllis Horns. She also updated the Committee on Dr. Michael Lewis’s efforts to work with the legislature on behalf of the newly approved dental school at ECU. Lewis has been named as executive assistant to the chancellor at ECU.


Spencer also announced that the Health Sciences Library is in a position to purchase the backfiles of Lipppincott & Williams which includes 260 journals. Coghill explained the agreement and the benefit to the library. The access fee of $35,000 and annual maintenance fee of $1,500 is considered very reasonable. This purchase will help to decrease document delivery services. The bound volumes and microfilm will be selectively weeded out. 


Wirth commented on the need for a wider pipe digitally connecting the division to the larger University community. There was discussion of the University Research Council’s interest in Sedona which has been operational at UNC-G. ECU will use Sedona to annually identify and collect faculty productivity. Spencer pointed out that Atlanta-based Sedona is the first commercial product we have seen for this purpose. Sedona is author-friendly and flexible in entering information. Spencer noted Dr. Darryl Davis’s involvement with this service. The Committee agreed with Walker that Dr. Daivs be invited to a future Libraries Committee meeting.


Daughtridge discussed document delivery in the library. She handed out two reports identifying monthly document delivery requests and borrowing requests for the past five years. The two-page reports contained numbers and graphs. Daughtridge pointed out that Joyner’s network of academic libraries work reciprocally and do not charge one another for borrowing materials, unlike the health sciences division. Burke asked if we can earmark more journal money for document delivery. Spencer replied that we have been evaluating this. Document delivery is expensive at $11 per request for periodicals. Winstead said that it actually costs $30 per unit although Joyner absorbs this cost. Joyner does not participate in document delivery.


Walker discussed the committee’s future agenda, particularly the committee’s goals for 2006-2007. First we want to establish a working relationship with the Research Council. Vice Chancellor Deirdre Mageean will be invited to a February or March meeting after Darryl Davis’s visit.  


Walker suggested that the committee further explore the policies and procedures of document delivery. We should also look further at the needs of faculty who use both Joyner and the Health Sciences Libraries. Walker also recommended that we look at the interface between Instructional Technology and the library in both training sessions and database access which is available to faculty and staff.


The meeting adjourned at 4:15.


Spencer conducted a walking tour through the Laupus building for committee members who were able to stay on.