MEETING DATE:  February 21, 2007


PERSON PRESIDING:  Marianna Walker


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Salman Abdulali, Juan Daneri, Michael Duffy, Marianna Walker, James Wirth


EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Larry Boyer, Ginny Sconiers (for Elmer Poe), Jeff Coghill (for Dottie Spencer), Beth Winstead




Minutes of the January 17 meeting were approved.


Dr. Boyer discussed the work of the twelve-member task force, made up of library people. The task force is actively involved in reorganizing the library. Boyer noted that the present library organization does not reflect the changes that have occurred in the library during recent years.


Daneri asked if some areas of the library are of more concern to the task force than others.


Boyer replied that no particular areas are being singled out over others. There is however concern that more resources should be directed to faculty liaisons and also to digital resources. Boyer attended a meeting of the UNC Library Advisory Committee where institutional repositories was presented as a special topic.


Coghill talked about the institutional digital repository run by North Carolina State University using DSpace program software. He noted that institutional repositories are available almost everywhere.


Boyer said that the library is featuring the SPARC Author Addendum, which is concerned with author rights for journal articles. The library has a pamphlet on author rights that is being distributed at ECU. The pamphlet was shown to the libraries committee.


Coghill reported that Laupus is still working out details from the budget. There were many unanticipated expenses connected with moving into the new building. Dr. Spencer will talk about document delivery at an upcoming meeting. Coghill noted that the “Pull and Hold” Program has started and is proving successful.


Walker asked how Allied Health can have comparable access to services at both Laupus and Joyner.


Winstead pointed out that there is access at both libraries although Laupus and Joyner provide different services. Laupus charges for document delivery that is part of its subscription service agreements like that with NLM (National Network of Libraries of Medicine). On the other hand, interlibrary loan costs are not passed along to users but are absorbed by Joyner Library. Winstead noted that this is the only area that is unique between the two libraries.


Boyer presented the latest acquisition budget report compiled on 2-13-07. He noted that the current 60% expenditure is approximately where the library should be. Virtue library, which refers to electronic access to databases, is the fastest growing area of expense in the acquisition budget.


Coghill noted that we have access to 1800 journals and hope to identify duplicates.


The next meeting is scheduled for March 21 at 3:00 pm in the administrative conference room of Joyner Library. The following meeting is scheduled for April 11, one week ahead of our regularly scheduled time.


The meeting adjourned at 4:05 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Michael Duffy