COMMITTEE: Libraries Committee         


MEETING DATE: September 15, 2010


PERSON PRESIDING: Cheryl McFadden         


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Margit Schmidt, Chal Benson, Robert Cambell, Aysel Morin           


EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Jan Lewis (substituting for Larry Boyer) Dorothy Spencer, Marianna Walker, Hunt McKinnon  







Item 1 Marianna Walker, Chair of the Senate, charged the committee and clarified the mission. Folders were distributed containing detailed information about the committee.


Item 2 Election of Officers:

Chair: Cheryl McFadden

Co-Chair: Robert Campbell

Secretary: David Wilson Okamura


Item 3 Goals for 2010/2011 for the Library Committee

1)     How the library is used by the faculty. Components of this goal include access to the library by computer rather than walking in the door of Joyner or Lapius Libraries. Other related topics are electronic resources, open access, embedded libraries, and orientation for old and new faculty. There is currently a program for orientation of new faculty. There is not a program for continuous updating of faculty who have been at the university for some number of years.

2)     A related topic that was discussed is the changing nature of the library. The physical space has changed with the retiring of collections, moving the reference section, introduction of the Pirate Tutoring Center, Writing Center and the STEP program in the Spring.

3)     The budget constraints  for the current year were also discussed

4)     SACS documentation was discussed and the point was made that faculty need to be involved in the review and writing of the report rather than a finished SACs report being explained to the faculty after it is submitted.

5)     Continued clear communication was the last item discussed. The possibility of a library committee report to the floor of the faculty senate in November was mentioned.



NEXT MEETING: October 20th    



Respectfully Submitted,

Hunt McKinnon