Research/Creative Activity Grants Committee





Type:    SS-Summer Stipend       P-Project Expense      D-Dual Summer Stipend and Project Expense


2005-    Name                           Unit                  Proposal Title                                                                    Type     Amount     


48         Jeffrey Popke              Geography        Transitional Migration for the Tierra Caliente Region        Dual     17,620.19

                                                                        Of Mexico  


06         David Chalcraft             Biology             The Effects of Species Loss from Ponds:  Does                  Dual      19,761.90

it Matter How Many Kinds of Frogs are Present 


19         Scott E. Gordon            Health and        Age-related Impairment of Skeletal Muscle Stem                   Dual      20,222.47

                                                Human        Cell Activation and Muscle Growth:  Role of Nitric

                                                Performance     Acid


68         Derek Maher                  Philosophy       Critical Appraisal of a Polemical Assessment of                   SS        9,459.22

                                                                        Tsepon Wangchuk Deden Shakabpa’s One Hundred

                                                                        Thoudand Moons:  An Advanced Political History of



60         Anne Dickerson       Allied Health      Effectiveness of the Model of Older Adult Drivers                P          10,000.00

                                                Sciences           Assessment Protocol in Identifying “At Risk” Drivers

                                                                        And Differentiating Age Differences


58         John Walsh             Geology           Sediment Dynamics in Small Tributaries of Pamlico        Dual     20,622.96



16         Christy M. Walcott         Psychology      Preschoolers at Risk for ADHD:  A Longitudinal Look at  Dual     12,316.92

                                                                        Social Functioning and Risk Factors


35         Runying Chen                Interior Design   Conservation of Cannon Wads Recovered from QAR            Dual      14,609.76

                                                & Merch.           Shipwreck


45         Philip Rothman              Economics       “A Smooth Tranistion Analysis on the Fed’s Monetary           SS        14,836.99

                                                                        Policy Rule”


34         Xin-Hua Hu              Physics            Development of an Image-Based Flow Cytometer                 Dual     21,321.08


43         Salman Abdulali            Mathematics     Hodge Structures on Abelian Varieties                                  SS        12,319.48


33         Hanna Jubran                Art & Design     “My Journey:  My reflection of Aerial Landscape”                  Dual      21,804.50


38         Yumin Li                       Chemistry         Molecular Dynamics Studies on the Interaction                     SS        11,379.74

                                                                        Of S100B with Tumor Suppressor Protein p53

                                                                        And Rational Drug Design


52         David Rowe                  Health and        Establishment of a “Daily Steps” Standard for Healthy          Dual      20,748.80

                                                Human              Physical Activity in Adults



63         Brian C. Focht               Health and        Influence of Brief and Longer Duration Bouts of Walking Dual     17,203.60

                                                Human        on Psychological Determinants of Regular Physical

                                                Performance     Activity Participation in Obese Women


04         Alexandra                     Mathematics     Elliptic Curve Definability Methods over                               SS        14,004.76

            Schlapentokh                                        Number Fields


23         Leonard Trujillo        Allied Health      Older Driving Initiative- Returning the Older Driver                 P          10,000.00

                                                Sciences           Safely to the Road


26         Donald Palumbo           English             The Monomyth in American Science Fiction- Chapters           SS        16, 510.08

                                                                        8, 9, and 10


42         Andrew Morehead         Chemistry         Synthesis of Tetralones by a Novel Rhodium-                       Dual      21,064.46

                                                                        Catalyzed Reaction


01         William Allen                 Chemistry         A Recyclable System for Detection of Phosphate                 Dual      18,220.31

                                                                        In Water     


44         Tom Raedeke                Health and        Evaluating a Pedometer Based Physical Activity                   Dual      15,638.17

                                                Human              Intervention:  Step Count, Mediators of Change, and

                                                Performance     Health-Related Outcomes


56         Nicholas Murray            Health and        Mechanisms for Freezing Parkinson’s Disease: An Eye   Dual     19,312.88

                                                Human              Movement and Attentional Control Analysis



46         Michael O’Driscoll         Geology           Land-Use Effects on River-Groundwater Interactions       Dual     18,331.24

                                                                        In the Coastal Plain of North Carolina


51         Erik Everhart                 Psychology      Neurocognitive Effects on Radiation Dose and Volume Dual     13,099.96

                                                                        On Patients with Head and Neck Cancer


67         Sharon Loury                Nursing       Correlates of Alcohol Use Among Male Mexican             Dual     19,494.77



29         Arunas Juska                Sociology         Policing Marginalized Populations in Post-socialist               Dual      19,311.87

                                                                        Countries:  The Case of Lithuania