COMMITTEE:   Research and Creative Activity Grants Committee


MEETING DATE:   1/14/11 (at Greenville Center)


PERSON PRESIDING:    Carmine Scavo 


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Carmine Scavo, Kathy Davis, Jay Morris, Nicholas Rupp, Gail Ratcliff, Gregory Lapicki, Anna Froula, Jay Neward, Jason Brinkley, Tom McCaslin, Javier Lorenzo


EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:   Alan Schreier, Carl Billingsley, Andrew Stuart







Agenda Item:

Faculty Senate Resolution and Meeting with Vice Chancellor



Carmine Scavo opens meeting with a recap of the faculty senate resolution and updated language of the overview of the RCAG committee.  Committee meets with Vice Chancellor of Research to discuss the updated resolution and charge of the current committee given potential budget cuts.


Action Taken:

The committee decided to continue with the current competition and continue to communicate to the faculty that budget cuts may prevent them from actually receiving funds from a proposal the committee finds worthy of such funds.


Assigned additional duties to:



Agenda Item:



The committee discussed at length the subcommittee process and the need to make slight alterations to how things were done last year.  Subcommittee chairs were chosen.  Subcommittee chairs will meet to divide proposals into the appropriate subcommittees.  Each subcommittee will evaluate and score proposals and will recommend a portion of the proposals for further evaluation.


Action Taken:

Subcommittee chairs from last year were re-appointed as chair this year.

Assigned additional duties to:

Carmine Scavo will head the Social Science Subcommittee

Gail Ratcliff will head the Natural Science Subcommittee

Carl Billingsley will head the Humanities Subcommittee

Jason Brinkley will head the Health Sciences Subcommittee

Carmine Scavo will forward a list of subcommittee members to the committee


NEXT MEETING:   Subcommittee chairs will meet Feb. 10.  Next full committee meeting TBA.