Research and Creative Activities Grants Committee

Friday, September 11, 2009


Attending: Carmine Scavo, Political Science; Jason Brinkley, Allied Health Sciences; Gregory Lapicki, Physics; Jennifer Arrigo, Geography; Kathy Davis, Health and Human Perf.; Gail Ratcliff, Mathematics; Denise Dickens, Business; Javier Lorenzo, Foreign Language


Attending ex officio members: Thomas Ross, Representative of the Vice Chancellor of Health Sciences; Carl Billingsley, Rep. of Chancellor; Margie Gallagher, Rep. of VC for Academic and Student Affairs.


The meeting began at 2:40 in Brewster B-105. Chair of the Committee Carmine Scavo presided over the meeting. A quorum was present.


The first and main order of business was to further the discussion on procedures for the call for proposals for the next fiscal year. Scavo presented two options. The first option would be to recommend the funding of as many as possible of the 2008-2009 competition list that was forwarded last spring to Dr. Mageean with the currently available 2009-2010 funds, and to hold a new competition for this year. This is the normal procedure of the committee. However, funds are significantly limited in the current fiscal year, and are subject to change next year. The second option would be to recommend the funding of as many as possible of the 2008-2009 competition list that was forwarded last spring to Dr. Mageean, but not call for a new competition this fiscal year. Any available money in fiscal year 2010-2011 would be used to fund proposals still feasible from the previously forwarded list. Several points were discussed, including the signal that not holding a competition would send in regards to how research was viewed, the number of worthy proposals that would not be able to be funded out of the 2008-2009 list, the time sensitivity of research, and the potential for new projects, and the possibility of a mid-year reversion.


A motion was made by Dickens to hold a competition and call for proposals this year. It was seconded by Billingsley. Ratcliffe stated that the call for proposal should include ďa clear statement that funds are extremely limited compared to years passed, and that any funding is not guaranteed. This statement may include information on the number and percentage of proposals funded from last yearís completion relative to years passed. A hand vote was held. 7 yes, 3 no, and the motion carried.


A second discussion was held on whether to alter the timeline of the call. After discussion it was agreed that no changing of the timeline was required.It was agreed that no call would be made until after Scavo and Gallagher met with Dr. Mageean (next item).


Scavo announced that Gallagher and he had been called to a meeting with Dr. Mageean for the following week. It was agreed that the committee will schedule a subsequent meeting shortly after this meeting for Scavo and Gallagher to report on the discussion.

Scavo also announced that he would be having monthly meetings with the Chair of the Faculty, Dr. Walker. He reported that one thing he would like to discuss with her is the role of this committee on the discussion of 100% research leave for faculty.


The meeting adjourned at approx. 3:40 pm.