COMMITTEE:           Student Academic Appellate

MEETING DATE:    Tuesday, January 2, 2007


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Victor Aeby, Mike Brown, Tom Durham,

Dee-Dee Glascoff, Jeni Parker, Cindi Putnam-Evans


EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Elizabeth Layman, Henry Newkirk, Charles Owens


OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Gerry Clayton, Elvis Jones, Faye Hodges


Agenda Item: Readmission Appeals


Action Taken: 13 - granted, 44 - denied


Agenda Item: Readmission appeals

Discussion: These were all reviewed by the committee via e-mail after the January 2nd meeting, or a decision was made by the Chair of the committee.

Action Taken: 3 granted, 4 - denied


Agenda Item: Retroactive drop

Discussion: One of the granted appeals had been previously denied by this committee at the December 6 meeting, but upon further discussion the committee agreed to grant the appeal. In another of the granted appeals, the committee requested a letter be sent to the instructor of the course in question. It is the unanimous opinion of this committee that an incomplete in the course would have been a much more appropriate solution than a retro-active drop.

Action Taken: 5- granted , 2- denied


Agenda Item: Retroactive withdrawal

Discussion: The two tabled appeals are pending further documentation for the students filing the appeals. In one granted appeal, the committee granted a WP for one course but requested the student actively contact the instructor to request a WP. If a WP is granted by the instructor, the student does not need to return to the committee. In one denied appeal, the committee unanimously requested a letter be sent to the instructor reminding him that the Faculty manual requests all faculty keep attendance and grade records for at least one year. One appeal shall be granted pending further documentation.

Action Taken: 5 granted, 2 denied, 2 - tabled


Agenda Item: Financial Aid Appeals

Discussion: The committee does not normally hear Financial Aid appeals at the January meeting; however, a student submitting an appeal arrived at the meeting and the committee agreed to hear the appeal. The committee granted aid for Spring 2007 only. The committee requests the student resolve her incompletes quickly. If the student removes her Fall 2006 incompletes and achieves a 2.5 GPA on 9 credit hours in Spring 2007, the committee will reconsider further financial aid.

Action Taken: 1 - granted


NEXT MEETING:  Wednesday, February 7, 2007 at 3:00 pm in Rawl Annex 142.