COMMITTEE:           Student Academic Appellate

MEETING DATE:    Wednesday, December 6, 2006


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Mike Brown, Tom Durham, Dee-Dee Glascoff, Jeni Parker, Cindi Putnam-Evans, Mario Rey


EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Elizabeth Layman, Charles Owens

EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS ABSENT:   Chris Grymes, Henry Newkirk

OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Gerry Clayton, Elvis Jones


Agenda Item: Financial Aid appeal

Discussion: The approved appeal grants financial aid for Spring 2007 and Summer 2007.

Action Taken:  1 – granted, 1 - denied

Agenda Item:  Financial Aid Appeal – clarification from November 1 minutes

Discussion: This is to clarify one denied financial aid appeal from the November 1, 2006 meeting.  The previous minutes stated the student would need to achieve a 2.5 overall GPA to reappeal. Correction: if the student achieves a minimum 2.5 GPA on a full course load during his return semester he should resubmit his appeal for future financial aid.  

Action Taken: clarification only


Agenda Item: Drop Policy Exceptions/Late Drops

Discussion:  One the granted appeals is pending further documentation.  One granted appeal will count against the student’s allowed drops. For one of the denied appeals, the committee recommends the student request an incomplete in the course.  The two tabled appeals are pending further documentation.

Action Taken: 12 – granted, 22 – denied, 2 – tabled


Agenda Item: Grade Replacement Policy


Action Taken: 1 – granted, 1 - denied


Agenda Item: Retroactive Drop

Discussion:  In one denied appeal the committee suggests the student grade replace the 1000 level course, but wishes to clarify that she cannot grade replace the 4000 level course.

Action Taken: 4 – denied


Agenda Item: Retroactive Withdrawal


Action Taken: 2– granted, 3 - denied


Agenda Item: Removal of withdrawal with failing grades


Action Taken: 1– granted


Agenda Item: Permission to transfer


Action Taken: 1– granted


Agenda Item: Credit for repeat course


Action Taken: 1– denied


Agenda Item: Writing Intensive designation

Discussion:  The committee did not hear this appeal, but instead sent it to Don Joyner for his consideration.

Action Taken: none


NEXT MEETING:  Tuesday, January 2, 2007at 12:00 pm in Rawl Annex 142.