COMMITTEE:           Student Academic Appellate

MEETING DATE:    Wednesday, August 15, 2007


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Vic Aeby, Mike Brown, Dee Dee Glascoff,

Jeni Parker, Cindi Putnam-Evans


EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Henry Newkirk, Elizabeth Layman


OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Gerry Clayton, Faye Hodges, Heather Hicks (student helper from Registrar’s office)


Agenda Item:  Readmission Appeals

Discussion:  On the tabled appeal, the committee has asked for medical documentation.  If the student provides the documentation the appeal will be approved, but the student will still be on Academic probation.  For one denied appeal, the committee recommends that the student pursue a retroactive drop for Spring 2007 citing medical reasons.  For another denied appeal the committee recommends the student sit out two more semesters and come back in the first summer sessions 2008 under Forgiveness. 

Action Taken:  43 – denied, 11 – approved, 1 – tabled

Agenda Item:  Transfer/grade replacement exceptions

Discussion:  The committee felt there was no compelling reason to override ECU policy in either appeal.

Action Taken:  2 – denied

Agenda Item:  Retroactive withdrawal

Discussion:  On one tabled appeal, the committee would like to see how the student performs academically in Fall 2007 and then review the appeal at the start of the Spring semester.  On a second tabled appeal the committee would like the Professor to provide the Internship Protocol that the student was to follow.  On the final tabled appeal, the committee would like the student to provide medical documentation and an obituary.

Action Taken:  7 – denied, 6 – approved, 3 - tabled

Agenda Item:  Use original Undergraduate catalog requirements

Discussion:  This student has exceeded the time limitation by one semester to be able to use the Undergraduate catalog they entered ECU under.  The committee granted the appeal to allow the student to follow the graduation requirements of their original catalog, but the student must graduate at the end of Fall 2007 or they will have to follow the current graduation requirements for their major.

Action Taken:  1 - approved


NEXT MEETING:  Wednesday, September 5, 2007 at 3:00 pm in Rawl Annex 142.  This meeting is an organizational meeting to start the 2007-2008 academic year.  The committee will hear academic appeals at this meeting.