MEETING DATE:    October 1, 2008


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Mike Brown, Cindi Putnam-Evans, Ken Ferguson, Liz Fogarty, Mario Rey, Henry Newkirk


EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Elizabeth Layman, Jonathan Morris, Ashley Perkinson

EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS ABSENT:   Stacey Altman, Robert Kulesher

OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Mary Beth Corbin, John Trifilo


I. Agenda Item: Welcome new SGA student member

Discussion: Mike Brown discussed the purpose of the committee and we introduced ourselves.

Action Taken: none


II. Agenda Item: Readmission Appeals

Discussion: Mike Brown informed the committee that it would be hearing Admissions Appeals in the future.

Action Taken: none


III. Agenda Item: Retroactive Drops

Discussion: In one of the denied requests, a student wanted an extra drop and in another request, the student wanted to drop without using a drop.

Action Taken: 6 requests: 1 approved, 5 denied



IV. Agenda Item: Retroactive Withdrawal

Discussion: One petition was tabled on the suggestion that the student try to get an extension of the incomplete from her professors and the committee would also like the student to produce medical evidence of post-partum hyperthyroiditis.

Action Taken: 11 requests: 2 granted, 8 - denied, 1 tabled


V. Agenda Item: Graduation Policy

Discussion: Student is concurrently enrolled at a class at another university that will conclude just after the December 13 graduation deadline set by ECU.

Action Taken: 1 request: 1 granted


VI. Agenda Item: Spring 2009 Readmission

Discussion: none.

Action Taken: 3 requests: 0 granted, 3 - denied




NEXT MEETING:  Wednesday, November 5, 2008 at 3:00 pm in Rawl Annex 142.