MEETING DATE:    December 3, 2008


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Mike Brown, Ken Ferguson, Liz Fogarty, Jeni Parker

REGULAR MEMBERS ABSENT:  Cindi Putnam-Evans, Mario Rey, Henry Newkirk

EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Elizabeth Layman, Robert Kulesher, Jonathan Morris, Ashley Perkinson


OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Mary Beth Corbin, John Trifilo


I. Agenda Item:  Date for January meeting

Discussion:  The next meeting will be January 5th beginning at 10 am in Rawl 142. The meeting is expected to last until 3 pm, therefore, lunch will be purchased for this meeting.

Action Taken:  none


II. Agenda Item:  Proposal for undergraduate catalog changes.

Discussion:  Mike proposed changing the wording in the catalog so that students would have until 14 days before the new term starts to petition the committee for status changes.

Action Taken:  The committee voted to support the proposed catalog changes.



III. Agenda Item: Retroactive drops

Discussion:  none.

Action Taken: 15 requests: 5 – approved, 10 – denied


IV. Agenda Item: Retroactive withdrawals

Discussion:  In the case partially approved and partially denied, the committee voted to approve retroactive withdrawal for two of the students’ semesters and deny withdrawal from another two semesters. Another case was tabled to wait for student health to explain whether they approved or denied a student’s request; if student health denied it, we will need more documentation to review the request.

Action Taken: 11 requests: 2 – approved, 6 – denied, 2 – tabled, 1 – partially approved and partially denied


V. Agenda Item: Readmission

Discussion:  none.

Action Taken: 14 requests: 14 – denied


VI. Agenda Item: Other

Discussion:  Did not review one of the requests because it was not in our purview.

Action Taken: 3 requests: 2 – denied, 1 – no action


Total items heard:  42 requests:  7 – granted, 32 – denied, 1 – tabled, 1 – no action, 1 – partially approved and partially denied




NEXT MEETING:  Monday, January 5, 2009 at 10:00 am in Rawl Annex 142.