MEETING DATE:    September 3, 2008


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Mike Brown, Cindi Putnam-Evans, Ken Ferguson, Liz Fogarty, Jeni Parker,

REGULAR MEMBERS ABSENT:  Mario Rey, Barbara Kellam (resigned)

EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Elizabeth Layman, Robert Kulesher

EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS ABSENT:   Stacey Altman, Jonathan Morris

OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Mary Beth Corbin, John Trifilo, Janice Tovey


I. Agenda Item:  Officer Elections

Discussion:  Jan Tovey attended the meeting to oversee the election of officers. Mike shared that Barbara Kellam is forced to resign the committee due to a concurrent obligation on Wednesday afternoons. Henry Newkirk was suggested as a possible replacement for Barbara Kellam.

Action Taken:  Mike Brown was elected Chair, Jeni Parker was elected Vice Chair, and Liz Fogarty was elected Secretary


II. Agenda Item:  Introductions and Committee Overview

Discussion:  Mike Brown discussed the purpose of the committee and provided a handout “Academic Appeals in a Nutshell,” a handout he’d created for new chairs but thought we might also find helpful. 

Action Taken:  none


III. Agenda Item: Retroactive Drops

Discussion:  One petition was tabled (request for medical information documentation of panic attacks).

Action Taken: 4 requests: 3 – denied, 1 – tabled



IV. Agenda Item: Retroactive Withdrawal

Discussion:  The petition that was not heard was from a graduate student and is, therefore, outside the jurisdiction of this committee.

Action Taken: 11 requests: 6 – granted, 4 - denied, 1 – not heard

V. Agenda Item: Grade Appeal

Discussion:  Did not hear the petition – was a grade change and out of our jurisdiction.

Action Taken: 1 request: 1 – not heard


VI. Agenda Item: Transfer Policy

Discussion:   none.

Action Taken:  3 requests: 1 – granted, 2 - denied


VII. Agenda Item: Spring 2009 Readmission

Discussion:   Student wanted to come back a semester early

Action Taken:  1 request: 1 – granted


**Meeting concluded at 4:55 pm



NEXT MEETING:  Wednesday, October 1, 2008 at 3:00 pm in Rawl Annex 142.