COMMITTEE:  Student Scholarships, Fellowships, and Financial Aid Committee


MEETING DATE:    Monday Sept. 24th, 2007 11:00am


PERSON PRESIDING:      Mark Taggart


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Ken MacLeod; Anthony Overton; Hanna Jubran; Pramathanath Sastry; Jill Matarelli Carlson           








Agenda Item:  Election of Officers



Discussion:  Mark Taggart called the meeting to order and oversaw the election of officers.  The previous Chair and Vice Chair had rotated off the committee and there were two spots to fill and few experienced members who knew what was going on to fill the spots.  The position of Chair was finally given to Ken MacLeod (after some coaxing and reassuring from the rest of the committee J).  Jill Matarelli Carlson agreed to continue as Secretary and it was decided that due to the large number of new members, that we would elect Yong Wang (even though he could not in attend this meeting) as Vice Chair since he was on the committee last year and had some experience.


Action Taken:

Officers were nominated, seconded and voted into office.


Agenda Item:  Committee Responsibilities  



Discussion:  Mark Taggart reminded the committee about the responsibilities of the Student Scholarships, Fellowships, and Financial Aid Committee, and recommended that we form a sub-committee to check on the implementation of the online catalogue and the new Banner system to make sure that everything related to this committee was transferred correctly. 


Action Taken:

The committee will check on Banner as Mark Taggart suggested and of course continue our participation in the Scholarship Weekend and the awarding of scholarships at the end of the school year.


Agenda Item:   Scholarship Weekend Update


Discussion:  Judi Bailey gave us and update on the changes being made to Scholarship Weekend to increase it’s competitiveness with other programs.  It will be moved to February; Students will receive a one year $1000 scholarship for attending and less smaller scholarships will be awarded so the focus can be placed on scholarships that are close to a full ride.  This should up the status of the scholarships taking them from Recruiting scholarships to Branding scholarships and increasing ECU’s commitment to scholarship.


Action Taken:

We will be inviting Professor Michael Bassman to attend a meeting to further discuss the Scholarship Weekend with us.


Assigned additional duties to:

Ken MacLeod will contact members of the committee to see if a different meeting time on Mondays will work better for everyone one the committee.




NEXT MEETING:    October 22nd , 2007 11:00am (Unless changed to fit more schedules.)


ITEMS TO BE DISCUSSED: The SSC Committee’s agenda for the coming year.