COMMITTEE:   Student Scholarships, Fellowships, and Financial Aid Committee


MEETING DATE:    Monday, October 26, 2009


PERSON PRESIDING:      Hanna Jubran


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:       Sarah Colby, Jonathan Dembo, Alice Feret, Hanna Jubran



EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:    John Given, Susie Harris, Hunt McKinnon, Travis Poole


OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE:        Julie Poorman






Agenda Item: Appointment of SSC Committee Chair for 2009-2010


Discussion:    No discussion other than expression of thanks to Dembo for contacting candidates and to Jubran for accepting the position.


Action Taken:    Jubran came, ready to lead the meeting. He asked for a copy of last month’s minutes.


Assigned additional duties to:   NA



Agenda Item:  New scholarship for SSC to consider: ECU Retired Faculty Association Undergraduate Scholarship.


Discussion:   Dembo contacted Anthony Britt, Director of Admissions, last month for a list of scholarships for SSC to review and discovered a new one. Jubran was unclear as to whether it could be added to SSC’s charge due to its absence from 2003 SSC Committee notes he (Jubran) possessed. Poorman suggested it was not for SSC to review and requested a copy of the 2003 list for all SSC committee members.


            Discussion of whether any scholarships will be funded and therefore, available to be awarded, ensued. McKinnon suggested we validate that money exists before advertising any scholarship. Poorman stated that the rate of return would be available in December-January. Jubran stated that award decisions had been made in March in the past. McKinnon noted that monies for College of Human Ecology awards awarded last year in March had been denied as late as April.


Action Taken:    Jubran will contact Ms. Sherilyn Johnson, accountant, and Mr. Bill Clark, Foundations, for possible attendance at our next meeting to clarify SSC responsibilities re: particular scholarships, their funding status and timeline.



Agenda Item:  Does the committee wish to expand its charge, as currently understood, to support Financial Aid Office in its review of “satisfactory academic progress” reports for scholarship students?


Discussion:   Financial Aid Director Poorman reintroduced this item. The SSC would need to conduct such a review twice per year before Fall and Spring Semesters begin. An August review would require SSC to convene earlier than currently scheduled/required, and a late December review would require SSC analysis during the holiday break.


            Jubran read/restated SSC’s charge. Given asked Poorman whether the review is part of the charge given to Academic Standards’ Committee; Poorman was unsure. Poorman asked for a subcommittee of SSC members in residence in Greenville between semesters, who would be willing to serve.


Action Taken:    John Given, Susie Harris, and Travis Poole volunteered to form a subcommittee to review student GPA’s and “satisfactory academic progress” in late December for Financial Aid.


Assigned additional duties to:  Harris offered to contact Student Academic Appellate Committee (SAAC) to identify their charge re: review of student/scholarship eligibility issues.



Agenda Item:  Review of extent of SSC participation in Scholars’ Weekend


Discussion:  Poorman reintroduced this item. In late December, information will be available to Poorman to help SSC determine its participation.


Action Taken:   Jubran will contact immediate past-SSC Chair, McLeod, to identify the terms of SSC’s past participation.




NEXT MEETING:    November 23, 2009, at 2PM in Rawl Annex 142, unless otherwise noted via email


ITEMS TO BE DISCUSSED:    Update re: scholarships, expanded charge, et al