Minutes of the SSC Meeting of April 23, 2009

Present:          Jeremy Jordan, Richard Bamberg, Susie Harris, David Conde, Jill Carlson, Yong Wang, Pramath Sastry, Jonathan Dembo, Hanna Jubran, Ken MacLeod


The meeting convened at 11 AM.  MacLeod opened the meeting by reminding the committee that Julie Poorman had requested committee members assist with reviewing the files of students appealing their second denial of scholarship funds.  Ms. Poorman expects to meet on May 14th and 15th.  Times and places will be forthcoming.  Please respond to let me know if you can attend.


MacLeod then reviewed the criteria for awarding the scholarships, noting that the primary criterion is need, as determined by the EFC calculation provided by the Financial Aid office.  Jordan clarified that the maximum EFC value is over 5,000 (higher indicates less need), so all students under consideration would qualify as exhibiting “need.”  MacLeod proposed that each person present their choice and first alternate for each scholarship, to see if any consensus existed.  If so, and if there was no further discussion, the committee could accept the nomination.  The scholarships were considered in the order of decreasing value, beginning with the Lillie Tucker Probey Scholarship, followed by the Andrews Scholarship, then the Lillian Jenkins Scholarship, and finally the Chevrolet Scholarship.  The committee’s recommendations follow.  If more than one alternate is listed, then the alternates are listed in order of preference.


Lilley Tucker Probey:


Recommended Recipients: Pettis, Huynh, Butcher, Rinehart

Recommended Alternates:  Freeman, Brown, Griffith, Dyer, Dunne, Macemore


Andrews Scholarship:


Recommended Recipient:   Dunne

Recommended Alternate:    Raper


Lillian Jenkins Scholarship:


Freshman Recommended Recipient:                    Saffer

Freshman Recommended Alternate:                     Pittman


Sophomore Recommended Recipient:     Hawkins

Sophomore Recommended Alternate:      Plato


Junior Recommended Recipient:               Macemore

Junior Recommended Alternate:                Brown


Chevrolet Scholarship:


Recommended Recipient:   Raper

Recommended Alternate:    Plato


The meeting adjourned at 11:45 AM.


Submitted by Ken MacLeod, Committee Chair