COMMITTEE:   Student Scholarships, Fellowships, and Financial Aid Committee


MEETING DATE:    Monday, April 19, 2010


PERSON PRESIDING:      Hanna Jubran


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:       Jonathan Dembo, Alice Feret, Hanna Jubran

Qun Lu, Punam Madhok



EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:    Susie Harris, Hunt McKinnon, Travis Poole, John Given


OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE:       Jeremy Jordan






Agenda Item:            Approval of minutes of previous meeting, Monday, February 22, 2010.


Discussion:   Jubran asked for a review, and the minutes were approved with a quick, typographical correction of the meeting date (not 10-26-2009, but 2-22-2010).


Action Taken:    Given moved that the minutes be approved, as corrected; Dembo seconded the motion. _________________________________________________________________________________


Agenda Item:  Chairman Jubran introduced the focus of the meeting, which was to gain consensus regarding candidates to put forward for consideration for the three scholarships in our charge that will be awarded this year.


Discussion:   Since each SSC committee member had previously received a packet of information to help with candidate selection, members in attendance quickly shared their top choice, verbally. Jubran noted that Colby was unable to be present, but had sent her choices to him; they were included in the total number for each candidate.  Both Jubran and Feret kept the tally.


Action Taken:  By majority vote, the SSC Committee recommended the following candidates for scholarships:


ECU Retired Faculty Associaiton Undergraduate Scholarship:

            1st choice: Skylar; 2nd choice: S. Dellana; 3rd choice: P. Kayla


Andrews Scholarship:

            1st choice: A. Wittenauer; 2nd choice: S. Westerman


Chevrolet Scholarship:

            1st choice: S. Haddock; 2nd choice: B. Widman



NEXT MEETING:    There being no other business to transact this year, 2009-2010, SSC Committee members said their farewells and departed.