August 25, 2008


Present: Tovey, MacLeod, Jubran, Sastry, Dembo, Bailey, Conde, Mageean


Janice Tovey, Chair of the Faculty, called the meeting to order.  MacLeod volunteered to serve as Chair.  He was approved by acclamation.  Dembo volunteered to serve as Vice Chair and was approved by acclamation.  The office of Secretary was not filled and will await the next meeting.


MacLeod informed the committee that meetings would not necessarily be on the days assigned, as those days may not fit the calendars of the committee members. 


Judi Bailey reviewed the Scholars Weekend results from last year and the process for this year for the new committee members.  Judi recommended that the committee meet with Anthony Britt, Director of Admissions and Julie Poorman, Director of Financial Aid, in November to discuss the upcoming Scholars Weekend and review the performance of the Financial Aid Office.


MacLeod requested the committee members review the University Undergraduate Catalog pertaining to the Scholarships and Financial Aid, as per the committee’s charge.  Bailey added the committee should also review the Financial Aid website (


Dembo and Mageean questioned the inclusion of “Fellowships” in the committee’s title, Mageean noting that fellowships differ from scholarships in that they are taxable.  The committee decided that a name change was not necessary.


The next meeting will be called as needed, most likely in November.

The meeting adjourned at 11:37 AM.


Submitted by Ken MacLeod, Committee Chair and Acting Secretary