COMMITTEE:   Student Scholarships, Fellowships, and Financial Aid Committee


MEETING DATE:    Monday, September 28, 2009




REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:       Sarah Colby, Jonathan Dembo, Alice Feret, Qun Lu



EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:    Austin Bunch, John Given, Susie Harris, Travis Poole


OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE:        Lori Lee, Ken MacLeod, Julie Poorman






Agenda Item: Appointment of new slate of officers for 2009-2010


Discussion:    Ken MacLeod, outgoing Chair, sought volunteers. He suggested that SSC consider Bamberg or Jubran for the Chair position, since each had had experience as SSC members and their term ends in 2010. MacLeod noted that Sastry is on a Leave-of-Absence.


Action Taken:    Dembo offered to be Vice Chair, and Feret offered to serve as Secretary.


Assigned additional duties to:   Dembo will contact both Jubran and Bamberg with SSC’s request to serve as Chair.  Dembo has agreed to serve as Acting Chair, until an official Chair volunteers.



Agenda Item:  Does the committee wish to expand its charge, as currently understood, to support Financial Aid Office in its review of “satisfactory academic progress” reports for scholarship students? Also, what is the extent of SSC participation in Scholars’ Weekend?


Discussion:    According to Financial Aid Director Poorman, the SSC would need to conduct such a review twice per year before Fall and Spring Semesters begin. An August review would require SSC to convene earlier than currently scheduled/required, and a late December review would require SSC analysis during the holiday break.


            SSC requested a list of scholarships, and Poorman responded that Director of Admission, Anthony Britt, could supply that information, as well as details regarding Scholars’ Weekend, occurring annually in mid-February.



Action Taken:    SSC will review its charge(s) in the very near future, hopefully when a chairperson has been appointed.




Assigned additional duties to: Vice Chair Dembo will contact Britt for a current list of scholarships that require annual review.





NEXT MEETING:    October 26, 2009, at 3PM in Rawl Annex 142, unless otherwise noted via email


ITEMS TO BE DISCUSSED:    Chair position, expanded charge, et al