COMMITTEE:   Student Scholarships, Fellowships, and Financial Aid Committee


MEETING DATE:      Monday, September  27, 2010


PERSON PRESIDING:         Hanna Jubran/Alice Feret


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:           Sarah Colby, Jonathan Dembo, Alice Feret, Xiaoping Pan, Liza Wieland          


EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:         Kevin Baxter, Cal Christian, John Fletcher, Dillon Godley, Judy Wagner

OTHERS IN ATTENDANCE:           Lori Lee, Faculty Senate; Deirdre Mageean, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies




Agenda Item:  Immediate-past Chair Jubran opened the meeting and welcomed Dr. Mageean.


Discussion:      Jubran suggested that the committee consider reviewing its charge to include graduate scholarships and asked Mageean about available funding. Mageean suggested we invite Ms. Sharon Hamilton, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations in Office of University Development, to our next meeting to discuss graduate scholarships and the current awarding process to identify how SSC might be involved.    


Action Taken:  Lee volunteered to contact Hamilton.



Agenda Item:  Appointment of SSC Committee Officers for 2010-2011


Discussion:   Dembo nominated Feret as Chair. Feret nominated Colby as Vice Chair. Feret asked for volunteers to fill position of Secretary. Each person in attendance declined.


Action Taken:    Feret accepted. Colby accepted. Feret will contact Bamberg and ask him to consider filling the position.



Agenda Item:  Consensus re: committee goals for 2010/2011


Discussion:   Jubran suggested we investigate whether scholarship funding could be increased. Dembo suggested we consider reviewing the charge of the committee to broaden its scope. Wagner suggested we invite a representative from Financial Aid to share how they advertise scholarship availability to students. Colby would like Financial Aid to “walk us through” their website.


Action Taken:    Baxter volunteered to give an overview of the Honors College scholarships. Lee offered to contact Julie Poorman, Director of Financial Aid and Maureen Devine-Ahl, Director Donor Relations & Scholarships in the Office of University Development.



NEXT MEETING:      October 25, 2010, at 11 AM in Rawl Annex 142, unless otherwise noted via email


ITEMS TO BE DISCUSSED:  Overview of Financial Aid activities; discussion on graduate scholarships; overview of University scholarships, Honors College scholarships; election of Committee Secretary