Teaching Grants Committee

Meeting of August 31, 2006



Carol A Brown

Steve Culver

Gail Ratcliff

Charles Ewen

John Bort

Hussein Abaza

Mary Pickard

Boni Boswell

Gerald Prokowicz


1-     Dr. Mark Taggart Chair of the Faculty Senate opened the session.


2-     Chair of the teaching Grant committee for the year 2005-2006 brief the committee on the last year activities and the lessons learned.


3-     The committee elected Dr. John Bort as a chair, Dr. Gerald Prokopowicz as vice chair, and Dr. Hussein Abaza as a secretary for the teaching grant committee for the academic year 2006-2007.


4-     The committee decided that there will be a maximum of one summer stipend per proposal (please note that I added the word “maximum” since some proposals may not request for summer stipend.


5-      The committee decided that all applicants should direct their questions to the committee chair.


Hussein Abaza