ECU Teaching Grants Committee Meeting Minutes


Date: 10/11/2007


Attendees: Bort, Ratcliff, Elci, Boswell, Yao, Williams, Pickard, Winters-Morehead, Engelmann


1.      Evaluation form updates and

2.      Ethical issues, conflict of interest and related issues are discussed.

3.      Committee decided to meet Thursday afternoons to finalize the process after the Thanksgiving.

4.      Proposals #1 to #7 are reviewed.

5.      Meeting adjourned.


Date: 10/18/2007


Attendees: Bort, Ratcliff, Elci, Zhu, Fraley, Winters-Morehead, Davis


1.      The committee did not have enough attendees for quorum.

2.      Meeting adjourned without discussing any proposals.