Teaching Grants Committee

Reconstruction of Minutes for the October 20, 2008 Meeting



The minutes of the October 20, 2008 meeting were lost. The Committee has agreed to submit this reconstruction of the minutes.


Members present: Sharon Ballard, John Bort, Boni Boswell, Helena Feder, David Smith, Christy Walcott, Carol Winters-Moorhead, Jason Yao


The meeting was called to Order at 3:00 P.M.


The minutes of the Sept. 8, 2009 were unanimously approved.


The single order of business for the meeting was to discuss the 11 grant application submitted for consideration. Copies of all applications were made available to all Committee members via a restricted access website Lori Lee set up for the Committee.


It was noted that the system worked perfectly and no one had any trouble accessing proposals.


Each application was presented for discussion by the chair along with the comments submitted by Committee who were not present.


After all proposals were discussed the chair instructed all Committee members to reviewed their preliminary evaluations and submitted their revised evaluations scores, if any, via e-mail to the chair prior to the October 30, 2009 meeting. The scored would be tabulated and rank ordered by the chair and circulated to all Committee members.


At the October 30, 2009 meeting the scoring would be discussed and a cut off for recommendations for funding a vote would be taken on the which proposal would be recommended for funding.


Meeting adjourned at4:30 P.M.