ECU – Teaching Grants Committee Meeting Minutes


Date: 11/01/2007


Attendees: Bort, Ratcliff, Williams, Tovey, Pickard, Boswell, Zhu, Fraley, Winters-Morehead


1.      The committee discussed proposals #8 to 19.

2.      Meeting adjourned.


Date: 11/08/2007


Attendees: Bort, Ratcliff, Elci, Williams, Fraley, Boswell, Winters-Morehead


1.      Meeting opened as a sub-committee meeting to report to the committee in the next meeting.

2.      Sub-committee discussed proposals #20-36, which covers the all submitted proposals.

3.      Meeting adjourned.


Date: 11/15/2007


Attendees: Bort, Elci, Fraley, Engelmann, Pickard, Winters-Morehead, Yao, Tovey


1.      Committee discussed overall scoring and applications. Scoring zero has been an issue and committee members highlighted the impact of zero scoring on the final scores.

2.      Committee requested additional information on the proposals #15 and #30.

3.      Committee decided to set the agenda for the Spring 2008 and decide on the final list of proposals to be submitted to Vice Chancellor’s officeat the next meeting.

4.      Meeting adjourned.


Date: 11/29/2007


Attendees: Bort, Elci, Winters-Morehead, Pickard, Yao, Boswell, Tovey, Williams, Zhu


1.      First 15 proposals approved to be submitted to Vice Chancellor’s office for consideration for funding.

2.      Committee decided to recommend the proposal #28 to Vice Chancellor for consideration to another funding source.

3.      Dr. Tovey agreed to prepare a draft updated committee guidelines to be discussed in January 2008.

4.      Meeting adjourned.