East Carolina University Teaching Grants Committee

Minutes for the December 3, 2009 Meeting

Flanagan 247



John Bort, Colin Burns, Bomna Ko, Kate Lamere, Marie Pokorny, David Smith, Christy Walcott, Carol Winters-Moorhead, Jason Yao



The meeting was called to order at 3:40 P.M.


The committee first amended the previous meeting (11/20/2009) minutes by identifying and adding those names who took actions during that meeting.The committee then approved the 11/20/2009 meeting minutes.


The chair shared what he found out about Proposal #43 regarding possible overlap between the applicantís proposed work with his/her NSF project. The applicantís response indicated that the work proposed to the Teaching Grants is completely different from the NSF project.


The committee discussed the number of proposals that we want to recommend to the Provost. After reviewing the memo from the Provost for the availability of funding this year and the scores of the ranked proposals, the committee decided to recommend the 15 proposals with highest scores for the Provostís consideration.This action was moved by Marie Pokorny, seconded by Carol Winters-Moorhead, and unanimously passed by the committee.


The committee went through the budgets of the 15 proposals to be recommended.All budgets are appropriate.


Meeting adjourned at 4:20 P.M.


Minutes prepared by Jason Yao.