Minutes of the 2/20/09 Subcommittee Meeting for the Creative Activity and Teaching Grants Committee

Members Present: John Bort, Mary Picard, David Smith, Jennifer Bugos, Sharon Ballard, Boni Boswell

1.       The committee discussed whether or not to include feedback with grant proposals. The committee decided that informal feedback from the committee, relayed to prospective grantees via the Committee Chair would be appropriate.

2.       A question as to whether collaborative proposals would be eligible for funding through this mechanism. This is an item that we will continue to discuss as more funding information becomes available.

3.       The term, “innovation” and “demonstrates need” were deemed equally important by the subcommittee and therefore, it may be appropriate to make minor changes on our grant application depending upon a vote by the entire committee.

4.       The committee felt that it was not ethical to solicit proposals when funding allocation was uncertain.

Submitted by Jennifer Bugos