ECU – Teaching Grants Committee Meeting Minutes


Date: 08/30/2007



Members: Drs. Jan Tovey, Gerald Prokopowicz, Mary Pickard, Gail Ratcliff, Boni Boswell, Omur Cinar Elci, Jason Yao, Lynee Davis


            Ex officers: Drs. Carol Winters-Moorhead


            Chair of the faculty Dr. Mark Taggart


1.      Welcome and opening remarks by Dr. Mark Taggart

2.      Elected committee officers:

            Chair:               Dr. John Bort

            Vice chair:        Dr. Gail Ratcliff

            Secretary:         Dr. Omur Cinar Elci

3.      Business carried over from 06-07 regarding to the eligibility of fixed term faculty to apply for teaching grants. Committee agreed to clarify guidelines as “all full-time faculty members” are eligible to apply.

4.      In the previous minutes, new business section addresses “research grants,” which will be corrected as “teaching grants.”

5.      A new item as “creative / innovative projects” will be included in the new evaluation form.

6.      Next meeting date is tentatively scheduled for October 11 and will be decided per email communication between chair Dr. Bort and members.

7.      Meeting adjourned.