East Carolina University Teaching Grants Committee

Minutes for the August 28, 2009 Meeting

Rawl Annex 142



Marianna Walker, Chair of Faculty Senate, Lori Lee

Members present: Ivana Alexandrova, John Bort, Colin Burns, Bomna Ko, Kate LaMere, Katie O’Connor Carol Winters-Moorhead, Jason Yao


The meeting was called to Order at 3:00 P.M.


The chair of the faculty senator welcomed all the committee members.


Committee Officers were elected:

Chair: John Bort

Vice Chair, Colin Burns

Secretary: Jason Yao


The chair briefly introduced to the new members the committee’s duties and last year’s work.  The chair explained that, due to the economic recession, solicitation of teaching grant proposals will possibly be suspended this fiscal year.  However, the chair would double check with the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affair to confirm funds availability and make an announcement to the faculty after that.


Tasks of the committee for this year were discussed.  Possible action items include: review the proposal solicitation, submission, review, and recommendation procedures and identify possible changes; find ways to increase future proposal submissions.


The chair will send an email to all the committee members to schedule standard meeting times.


Meeting adjourned at 3:40 P.M.


Minutes prepared by Jason Yao.