COMMITTEE:    ECU Teaching Grants Committee


MEETING DATE:   Wednesday, September 1, 2010; 4pm


PERSON PRESIDING:     Marianna Walker, Chair of Faculty Senate & John Bort, elected Chair of Committee


REGULAR MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:   David Smith, Christy Walcott, John Bort, Kate LaMere, Bomna Ko, Eric Shouse, Donna Roberson, Sam Khoury


EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:   Carol Winters-Moorhead, Katie O’Connor, Marianna Walker


Others Present:  Lori Lee



PERSON PRESIDING: Marianna Walker; Agenda Item: Election of committee officers

Action Taken: Chair: John Bort

Vice Chair, David Smith

Secretary: Christy Walcott



 Agenda Item: Schedule of standard meeting days

 Discussion: No standard meeting days; will meet once proposal deadline has passed in order to review proposals.

Action Taken: None


 Agenda Item: Business carried over from 09-10

 Discussion: None

 Action Taken: None


Agenda Item: New Business

Discussion: The chair briefly introduced to the new members the committee’s duties and last year’s work. He reviewed the blind review process for proposals. The committee discussed last year’s decision that if a large number of proposals exist, the chair will randomly assign half of the proposals to each committee member. The committee reviewed the current year’s information for proposals that has been distributed to faculty. The application deadline this year is Oct. 7th.


The committee discussed the situation of a former recipient of a Teaching Grant Award, who was denied access to her funds last year to purchase supplies for her project due to a freeze on purchasing within her unit. She is seeking to access those funds from her unit this year and is asking for the committee’s support to utilize the funds and carry out the project this Spring 2011, even though it was proposed for last Spring 2010.


Action Taken: C. Winters-Moorhead made a motion that the committee relay to the faculty member that we support the use of funds that were provided to the unit for this faculty member to undertake the project in Spring 2011 due to the unavoidable freeze on purchases that occurred last year when the faculty member attempted to use the grant funds. K. LaMere seconded the motion. All were in favor.


Motion to adjourn made by C. Winters-Moorhead and seconded by K. LaMere. All in favor.

The meeting adjourned at 4:45pm.


NEXT MEETING:   TBA - The chair will send an email to all the committee members to schedule next meeting.

ITEMS TO BE DISCUSSED:  Review of Teaching Grant Proposals


Minutes prepared by Christy M. Walcott