COMMITTEE:          University Athletic Committee


MEETING DATE:    September 11, 2008

PERSON PRESIDING:        Mike Felts


Regular Members & Members of the Academic Integrity Subcommittee


Ex-officio Members

(with vote)


Ex-officio Members

(without vote)


Mike Felts

Joe Luczkovich

Austin Bunch   

Sunday Ajose

David Dosser

Nancy Mize

Rosina Chia

Bradley Congleton

Nick Floyd

Scott Below

Sabrina Bengal

Nita Boyce

Art Rodriguez

John Hudson

Tim Metcalf

Mark Moore

(or Grant Jarman)

Stacey Altman

Cal Christian


Jarrett Newby

Lori Flint

Others attending:

Mike Felts

Tyler Richardson

Sunday Ajose

Terry Holland

Rosina Chia

Rosie Thompson

Scott Below

Gary Overton

Jan Tovey

Those not present indicated by highlighting.


No quorum was present so no official action was taken by the committee.  Election of officers and establishing goals for the year was deferred until October meeting.  The committee did meet for approximately one hour.  The committee charge was discussed.  Those present agreed that Thursday’s at 3:30 was, in general, a good meeting time.


Submitted:  Mike Felts, September 17, 2008.