East Carolina  University

Unit Code Screening Committee

October 30, 2008


1.                  Attendance:

a.       Garris Conner, Myra Brown, Andrew Morehead, Bill Grossnickle, Carl Swanson, Susan McCammon, Timm Hackett, Beth Velde, Kathy Misulis`

b.      Department of Geography representatives: Ron Mitchelson, Derek Alderman, Dan Marcucci


2.                  Call to order: Meeting was called to order at 4:00 in Rawl 132

3.         Review of Code for the Department of Geography


Throughout code:

 Remove reference to specific subsections of ECU Faculty Manual.

Be consistent in the language used to refer to the unit (Department of Geography) and to the two sections.

When using an acronymn—first use phrase with acronym in parentheses then use acronym throughout document

Consider replacing he/she with they and his/her with their

Throughout code be consistent in formatting, for example indents, comma use in lists, fonts and font sizes.


p. 1, line 40 correct spelling error “statement”               

p. 1, line 43 include “Harriott” before the College of Arts and Sciences

p. 1, line 48 and p. 2 line 1 consider rephrasing sentence beginning “Instructional goals…”


p. 2 consider removing quotes from “theory and practice”


p. 3 C.1 remove (aka, unit administrator)

p. 3 C.1 change sentence to read “The Chair is subject to periodic evaluation that shall conform to established university policy.”


p. 4 C.1. delete reference to SAC’s report

p. 4. C 2 Because Planning Program Director will be involved in curriculum matters and personnel, should this follow formal selection process with search and appointment? Could read “The Planning Program Director will be selected using the procedures outlined in the ECU Faculty Manual for administrators.”


p. 4 C.2 be consisted with “Planning Program Director” not just “Planning Director”


C.2.j—take out referrals to MSG etc and replace with “external programs” or a similar phrase.


C. 3. Delete “regular faculty member and” replace with “full time member of the Graduate Faculty”


C.3.e correct spelling error “performace


C. 4. Change “regular faculty rank” to “probationary term or permanently tenured”

C. 5 Change to “The Planning Program Undergraduate Coordinator must be a full time member of the Planning Program faculty.”


III.A change to “shall be eligible for reelection to the committee after a lapse of one year”


III. A. add “invited” before “guests”


Personnel Committee clarify “one representative each”

For all sections dealing with Personnel Committees, Tenure, and Promotion Committees rewrite to be consistent with Appendix D. For any variance from Appendix D (for example, non tenure track faculty on committees—state that)



Section III A. 4. B clarify “one representative each”

Section III A. 4 specifically state the procedure, do not “recommend”


Section III A 5 remove period at end of d and move to end of e


Section III B eliminate list and replace with “Geography student organizations”


Section III B. a correct spelling error “raport


Section III B.  capitalize E and C in Equipment Committee


Section III B. 4 correct spelling error “liason


Section IV add “the” before Faculty Manual


Section IV A add “permanently” before tenured, remove (administratively approved by Chair, Dean, and Vice Chancellor)


Section IV D if you want this to refer to Merit only, then only include information on merit. Information on other types of raises will need to  be added at the end of the Code.


Section IV F, G, H, I clarify that the review is based on Appendix D


Section IV J please review Appendix C and make sure this is compatible with C


Section V make sure you clarify that the quorums for Personnel, Tenure and Promotion Committees are ¾.


Section VI delete SACS and add D—University Administrators


Section VIII change “after approval” to “review”


Change Section IX to a section on Salary Increases (see Code Guidelines)


Section IX becomes Section X


Consider removing some or all Appendices from Code and placing them in a Policy Manual. For those removed, make sure any references in Code are changed from the Appendix to the Policy Manual


Unit Code Screening Committee believes several of these changes are substantive and must be approved by the faculty in the Department of Geography, reviewed by the Dean of the Harriott College of Arts and Sciences and returned to the Unit Code Screening Committee.


4.  Committee discussed the new review process. Dr. Morehead will contact the Provost and ask that the reviewer for the Provost attend the Unit Code Screening Committee meetings


5.  Meeting adjourned at 5:30.


Respectfully submitted: Beth P. Velde PhD, OTR/L secretary