East Carolina U University

Unit Code Screening Committee

February 14, 2008


1.                  Attendance:

a.       Garris Conner, Myra Brown, Andrew Morehead, Bill Grossnickle, Carl Swanson, Bryna Coonin, Kristen Bonatz, Charles Coddington, Mark McCarthy


2.                  Call to order: Meeting was called to order at 3:30 in Rawl 132

3.                  Approval of Minutes of January 24, 2008: tabled pending distribution of minutes


4.         Committee discussion regarding composition of Personnel Committee. Consensus of committee that units determine composition of Personnel Committee. Each unit code must reflect how the Personell Committee membership is determined. Dr. Conner to develop alternative language for this section of Appendix D to be reviewed by Unit Code Screening Committee and sent to Governance Committee with a recommendation to revise the wording in Appendix D.


5.         Review of Code for the School of Communication. Rebecca Mumlao and Harrell Allen represented the School.


Overall, change those areas that refer to specific sections of  ECU Faculty Manual to read something like “applicable sections of Appendix D”  (for example lines 20, 34, 50, 57, 138, 142, 419, 467, 505, 544, 587, 580). Make sure ECU Faculty Manual is italicized.


Be consistent with indents throughout.


At the beginning of Code, write out School of Communicaion (SOC), then use SOC throughout.


Line 22                   recommend hyphenate “full-time”

Line 28                   recommend inset comma after i.e.

Line 36                   recommend hyphenate “full-time”

Line 40                   recommend inset comma after i.e.

                              Change to Robert’s Rules of Order: Newly Revised

Line 51                   recommend hyphenate “full-time”

Lines 50-52            consider restructuring sentence

Line 70, (4)            recommend put apostrophe after “students” to make plural possessive “students”

Lines 84, 87, 157, 180, 361, 411   change to “permanently tenured”

Line 87                   consider change to “by a majority of the permanently tenured faculty through a vote using secret ballot”

Line 131                 recommend add a comma after e.g.

Line 144                 check appendix, should it be L?

Line 154                 recommend add other functions of Personnel Committee per Appendix D

Line 177                 recommend add other functions of Promotion Committee per Appendix D

Lines 200, 202, 217 be consistent in using phrase “when necessary”

Lines 200-225        be clear who serves as committee chair, relationship to curriculum, for GCC clarify if the chair of GCC is GRA representative

Lines 188, 201       recommend be consistent re: use of “:”

Line 222                 clarify if it is  full graduate faculty member” or can teaching graduate faculty member be on committee?

Line 241                 Ad hoc Committee—other committee descriptions indicate who committee reports to, does this committee have reporting parameters?

Line 262                 recommend capatalize Committee

Line 333                 recommend hyphenate “goal-seeking”

Line 341                 recommend hyphenate “jury-reviewed_

Line 405                 recommend remove your timeline and insert reference to Part XII

Line 417                 recommend remove hyphens between probationary-term and permanently-tenured

Lines 475,476        recommend remove hyphen between permanently-tenured

Line 500                 recommend clarifying journal articles by putting refereed before

Line 562                 recommend change “their” to “its”

Line 598                 recommend remove hyphen


Two substantive changes that must be addressed: missing Enabling Clause, missing Procedures for Developing Criteria for Salary Increases.


School of Communication to make these substantive changes, present to their faculty for a vote, have Dean sign, bring back to UCSC.


6.  Review of Health Science Library Code, Dorothy Spencer and Melissa Nasea representing library.


Line 151, 152         change ECU Code to ECU Faculty Manual

Lines 396, 397       remove specific reference to sections of ECU Faculty Manual

Lines 298, 300       add “permanently” before tenured

Line 559                 state where faculty can access the “Guidelines”

Line 837                 remove reference to SACS and make Report plural

Line 831                 change to Roberts Rules of Order: Newly Revised

Lines 846, 847, 858           remove “East Carolina University Code of the”

Lines 858               remove reference to Section G

Line 880                 remove reference to C1


Bryna Coonin moved to accept the Health Science Library code with the recommended editorial change of breaking out the section on Criteria for Salary Increases, Bill seconded.  Motion passed.


6. The committee is to review the UNC Tomorrow document to determine if the UCSC has a role in meeting the initiative.  Communication will be via email.  Dr. Conner will develop a report submit to the UCSC for approval and then forward to Faculty Senate.



7.  Next meeting Feb 28 3:30




8.  Meeting adjourned at 5:15.


Respectfully submitted: Beth P. Velde Phd, OTR/L secretary