University Environment Committee

Meeting Minutes 2-25-10


Presiding: Tim Kelley

Regular members in attendance: A. Gross-McMillan, M. O’Driscoll, S. Crick, M. Montgomery, J. Buck

Ex-officio members in attendance: R. Chin, E. Gardner, J. Core, H. McKinnon, J. Gill


Guests: Stephanie Sumner (Campus Dining), Tom Pohlman (Environment Health and Safety), Griffin Avin (Facilities Services)


1.       Meeting began at 3:30 with approval of minutes from 1-28-10 meeting.


2.       Griffin Avin- director facilities for west campus – discussed the sustainability committee’s work and provided a handout some with additional information. He discussed ECU’s efforts to become compliant with Senate Bill 668. The sustainability committee meets once a month and UEC members were encouraged to attend.


3.       Tim Kelley suggested Hunt McKinnon and Griffin Avin coordinate on assessment of sustainability efforts on campus.


4.       Hunt and Bob met with the Provost and received approval to do a survey of faculty – to assess and a catalogue sustainability efforts being done in academic areas.


5.       Discussion of Action Items:


We need to get an update on students’ efforts in regards to sustainability (Ali of ECO Pirates and/or Mohammad of SGA)


Possible survey of students concerning sustainability and what they feel is most important- Eric will contact SGA representative to see if they could lead this initiative.


Research week- proposed grouping research projects that focus on issues of sustainability into one area to highlight these efforts. Amy will follow up on this to see if this is possible.


Bob suggested we work more closely with the city on sustainability efforts.


Marianne proposed incentive for alternative travel to campus – Bill Koch would be possible contact. Bill should be contacted to see if this could be added as agenda item for next meeting.


Possible need to contact J.J. McLamb again- to discuss athletics plans for expansion.


6.       Announcements- Stephanie announced there will be a farmers market at Barefoot on the Mall event- April 22nd (Earth Day).


7.       Meeting was adjourned at 5:00.