University Environment Committee

Meeting Minutes 4-22-10


Presiding: Tim Kelley

Regular members in attendance: M. O’Driscoll, S. Crick, M. Montgomery, J. Buck

Ex-officio members in attendance: R. Chin, E. Gardner, B. Koch, H. McKinnon, J. Core


Guests: Griffin Avin (Facilities), Tom Pohlman (EHS)


1.       Meeting began at 3:30 with review of minutes from 3-25-10 meeting- minutes were unanimously approved.


2.       The Committee reviewed annual report due to Faculty Senate by May 1st. Report was edited through committee discussion and unanimously approved.


3.       SGA representation- Tim Kelly outlined discussing with Mohammad Hakima (SGA representative) the committee’s desire for he or another SGA member to attend UEC meetings and Sustainability Committee meetings.


4.       Committee reviewed draft of “Survey of ECU faculty on Environmental Sustainability Instruction”


a.       Also discussed timing and ways to motivate faculty to open e-mail and complete survey.

b.      Prizes for completing the survey were discussed as idea. Eric will contact Athletics for possibly donations to offer as prizes.

c.       Marianne  will craft short description to describe sustainability more broadly(with intention of including Humanities and/or other department that might not at first think their efforts as being sustainability related).


5.       Review of “Green Get to ECU” initiative. Discussed success, impact. Marianne proposed being able to get on scrolling banner on ECU homepage. Chris Stansbury (student affairs) and Clint Bailey (marketing- were identified as possible individuals that could help facilitate. Tim will contact Clint Bailey.


a.       Also- discussed possibility of contacting Brian Paris again- to propose another video/story to highlight this initiative.

b.      Committee discussed potential sponsors for “Green Get to ECU” initiative: Pat Long- Center for Sustainable Tourism, Spa’s, Resorts in area, Great Outdoor Provision Company-Chad Pickens.


6.       Committee discussed options to raise issue of new ex-officio member for representation from ECU’s Food Services provider. Hunt suggested going to Faculty Senate floor, to propose adding an ex-officio member. Tim and/or Hunt volunteered to take this to the floor.


7.       Committee members were encouraged by Tim to think of contributions they could make to committee for upcoming year.


8.       Other business


a.       Faculty member, Marion Aitchenson (foreign language department) coming to present at UEC meeting. Bob will follow up.

b.      Sustainability Committee and UEC – could we work together to provide award/recognition to group on campus.

c.       Mike detailed funding options for water resource management.

d.      Announcement- Greenville FUN Day, 4/25 2-4pm. 


9.       Meeting adjourned at 4:40pm.