University Environment Committee

Meeting Minutes 8-26-10


Presiding: Tim Kelley

Regular members in attendance: S. Crick, J. Buck

Ex-officio members in attendance: E. Gardner, H. McKinnon, J. Gill, B. Glover


Guests: Griffin Avin (Facilities), Tom Pohlman (EHS), Clint Bailey(Marketing), Stefanie Benjamin(CST), Whitney Knollenberg(CST), Lori Lee (Faculty Senate), Mark Sprague (Faculty Senate), Phyllis Horns(VC Health Sciences), Deb Garfi (parking & transportation), Wood Davidson(transit)


1.       Mark Sprague- VC of Faculty - opened the meeting. He outlined his role, the committee charge, and introduced Phyllis Horne. Other committee members introduced themselves.


2.       It was noted that there were not enough regular members in attendance to have quorum and thus the committee could note vote on officers or other official business.


3.       John Gill asked about the Greenspace Report and where it is stored. He will follow up with Lori for the record.


4.       Wood Davidson of ECU Transit discussed the idling policy for transit buses and vans. They currently also use B20 biodiesel blend in all buses. For gasoline vehicles they use E10(10% ethanol). Wood encouraged committee to draft a proposal of support for sustainable practices for student transit authority. Tim suggested committee look at this for 10-11 year.


5.       John Gill discussed storm water management projects- greater use of detention ponds, permeable pavement, bio swales. The new ECU Athletic Complex utilized storm tech water control system during construction which is a more sustainable system. John will note the new permeable pavement area adjacent to Austin and Rawl on the sustainability website.


6.       Deb Garfi of Parking and Transportation presented car-sharing (zipcar) and ride-sharing ( zimride) programs that will be new on campus this year. Zip cars have been used elsewhere with success and the zimride program will be provide ECU only access to this ride-sharing program. Questions were taken about both programs. Committee response was positive as members were encouraged by these initial alternative transportation methods.


7.       Tim encouraged the committee to formalize “Green Get to ECU Day” as monthly events. Clint and Wood both offered to assist/promote these days. Stefanie proposed marketing the days at Farmer’s Market this semester.


8.       Committee meeting ended at 4:22 pm.