Fall Faculty Convocation Remarks
Mark Alan Taggart, Chair of the Faculty

August 20, 2007


Good morning!Welcome to the 2007-08 academic year!I am honored to be serving you as Chair of the Faculty for this coming year.


Next, I would like to introduce to you the faculty officers.Please stand and be recognized as a call your name.Returning as Vice-Chair is Professor Mary A.Glascoff, who is from the Department of Health Education.Dee Dee, thank you for your willingness to serve again.I am very grateful for your guidance!Next allow my to introduce you to our new Secretary, Professor Marianna Walker from Allied Health Science.Marianna, welcome!Thank you the refreshing insights you have already offered us.I look forward to working with you this year.


Our new Parliamentarian this year is Professor Dale Knickerbocker, from Foreign Languages and Literature.Dale, thank you for your willingness to serve us in your new role.I would be remiss if I did not recognize your immediate predecessor, who served the faculty as Parliamentarian for over ten years, Patricia Anderson, who is now the interim Chair of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.Tricia, thank you for your service and dedication to ECU for all these years!I would also like to thank Ms. Lori Lee, seated in the audience. Lori is the main contact in the Faculty Senate office.  She will always be there to answer your questions and lead you in the right direction.  Thanks to all of you.


This promises to be a very exciting year for shared governance at ECU.This fall, our Faculty Governance Committee will be convening open hearings on the proposed revisions to the reviews of administrative officers, found in Appendix L of the ECU Faculty Manual.Our goal is to have these revisions approved this year.I thank those of you who have already offered us feedback on these revisions, and I encourage all of you to review these revisions, attend our hearings and share your views with us.Remember, we are in this together.


Last year, I mentioned the importance of being engaged in searches for faculty and administrative positions.This year, we will have searches for Deans of three colleges.I encourage the faculty in the College of Human Ecology, Education, and the Brody School of Medicine to be actively involved in the process.If you arenít a search committee member, please attend the presentations of the finalists for these important positions, and please do give the search committees your feedback.Your views are important!


Finally, I would like to remind you of the important role that we the faculty play in the curriculum and program approval process.Remember, we, the faculty, who are the experts in our chosen fields, are the ones who are responsible for these matters.It is crucial that we remain the leaders in this process, whether it be service on the University Curriculum Committee or as a unit curriculum liaison, faculty should remain in control of curriculum development.



It is now my honor to introduce our Chancellor, Steve Ballard.In the three years he has served us, he has continuously demonstrated his commitment to academic freedom, and to openness and transparency in shared governance.He is a strong supporter of faculty and I look forward to working with him again this year. Welcome, Chancellor Ballard!



Now I would like to introduce the newest member of our leadership team, Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Marilyn Sheerer.Marilyn originally joined us as a faculty member in the College of Education, where she eventually became Dean.Since then, she has served us as Vice Chancellor for Student Life.Now, as interim Provost, she will be taking the reins in our reorganization and combination of the divisions of Student Life and Academic Affairs.Faculty will be involved in the process every step of the way.Those interested in working toward this goal should contact Dr. Sheerer via email to get involved.Welcome, Interim Provost Sheerer!



Next I would like to our Interim Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences, Phyllis Horns.I have worked with Phyllis in many ways these past few years and am grateful for her guidance and leadership. Further, she knows ECU from the inside-out, having received here undergraduate degree in Nursing here.Welcome, Interim Vice Chancellor Horns!



It is my pleasure now to introduce our Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies, Deirdre Mageean.Dr. Mageean is someone who takes the motto of our university, ďto serveĒ very seriously.Welcome, Vice Chancellor Mageean!



Closing Announcements


Buses are standing by At Wright Circle for faculty and staff who need transportation back to the West Campus.


The Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences will have their opening convocation here following the conclusion of ours.  If you do not plan to attend, please leave the building so that they may begin their convocation on time.


Thank you.  We are adjourned. Letís go out there and have a great year!