Appendix C



V.  Salary

A. Initial Salary

Initial salary shall be based on degree attainment, pertinent experience, professional activity, scholarly publication or its equivalent, and level of responsibility, consideration being given to the salaries of personnel presently in the unit and salaries within the discipline in comparable institutions.

B. Determination of Annual Salary Increments

The unit administrator shall recommend annual salary increments to appropriate administrative officials in accordance with requirements imposed by the North Carolina General Assembly, The University of North Carolina Board of Governors, and the university administration, and shall employ any additional criteria that have been established in this appendix, in units codes, or in policies required by unit codes.  Basic criteria for assessing merit shall include the degree of teaching excellence; creative activity and research; service to local, state, and national governments; as well as contributions to the development of public forums, institutes, continuing education projects, and patients' services.  The unit administrator shall report annually to the unit, in dollar amounts and percentages, the total increment allotted, mean salary increment, and range in salary increments for the unit. Each faculty member shall be informed by the unit administrator of any salary increment recommendations made on behalf of the faculty member by the unit administrator.


[1]For other policies and procedures dealing with faculty appointments, see ECU Faculty Manual, Appendix D.