Appendix C



VI.  Faculty Personnel Files

(Please refer to ECU Faculty Manual Interpretation #I90-1.)
North Carolina law defines a personnel file as any information gathered by East Carolina University that relates to an individual’s application, selection or non-selection, promotion, demotion, transfer, leave, salary, suspension, performance evaluation, disciplinary action, or termination of employment, wherever located and in whatever form.  A faculty member’s primary personnel file shall reside in the code unit office under the supervision of the code unit administrator.  The location and custodian of other files containing personnel records will be listed in the Personnel File Checklist attached to the inside cover of the primary personnel file.   All evaluative documents will be contained in the primary personnel file. Official copies of Personnel Action Dossiers shall reside in the primary personnel file.  Faculty members are encouraged to examine their primary personnel file often, subject to certain restrictions of state law.  Faculty members may examine other files containing personnel records subject to the same restrictions.  A faculty member may obtain copies of any materials that are not restricted by state law in the personnel file and may attach a concise statement in response to any item therein.  This concise statement shall be submitted to the custodian for inclusion as an attachment to the specific document.  A person designated by the faculty member may examine that employee’s personnel file with the written authorization of the faculty member.  No material obtained from an anonymous source shall be placed in the primary personnel file or any other file containing personnel records except for data from student opinion surveys.  Data from student opinion surveys shall be used in the annual evaluation and shall be submitted by the authorized surveying agent to the faculty member and the unit administrator.  Evaluative materials or summaries thereof prepared by peer committees as part of a regular evaluation system may be placed in the primary personnel file when signed by a representative of the committee.  Faculty members must be made aware within a reasonable time of any change in their personnel file.  The procedures of Article 7 of Chapter 126 of the General Statutes of North Carolina shall govern matters relating to personnel files.


Please see the ECU Faculty Manual, Part VI. for further information on state statutes and ECU policy concerning faculty personnel files. (Faculty Senate Resolution #00-12, March 2000)


[1]For other policies and procedures dealing with faculty appointments, see ECU Faculty Manual, Appendix D.