East Carolina University Faculty Manual



IV.                  The Dean


A.       Functions and Jurisdiction


The dean shall be the chief executive officer of the Graduate School and chairperson of the graduate faculty, the Graduate Assembly, and the Graduate School Administrative Board. He or she shall be available to advise and assist schools and departments in the planning and development of their graduate programs. He or she shall be specifically responsible for coordinating with the general administration of the university all new program proposals advanced by schools and departments.


The dean shall be responsible for the implementation and execution of policies, rules, regulations, and procedures established by the graduate faculty and the Graduate School Administrative Board. He or she is expected to articulate both the current status and the short-term and long-term concerns and objectives of graduate education at the university and to offer timely and appropriate recommendations for its improvement and greater efficiency in meeting the needs of its constituents.


The dean shall be responsible for the operation of the Graduate School office including the preparation of its annual budget, spending of funds, utilization of allocated office space, assignments of responsibilities to staff, and the establishment of office procedures for effective implementation of all administrative tasks performed by the Graduate School office.


The dean shall develop procedures for consultation with other units of the university and extramural academic, professional, governmental, and community groups.