East Carolina University Faculty Manual



VIII. Enforcement of the Policies

Faculty and non-faculty EPA staff are under a clear obligation to adhere to the ECU policies and procedures to disclose and to remove or appropriately manage conflicts of interest or commitment. Breaches of the policy/procedures will be viewed as serious ethical violations by the persons involved.


Possible breaches of the policy/procedure include, but are not limited to:

1. furnishing false, misleading or incomplete information on the disclosure forms;


2. failure to promptly update disclosure forms before the required annual update when a significant change in a person's financial or fiduciary status places the individual into an immediate potential conflict of interest or commitment situation;


3. failure to comply with the procedures described above (e.g., refusal to respond to inquiries, responding with incomplete or knowingly inaccurate information, or otherwise);


4. failure to remedy conflicts as determined by the Procedures; and


5. failure to comply with a prescribed monitoring plan.


If a possible breach in the policy/procedures occurs, the appropriate dean shall consult with the faculty person and his chair. If no resolution is forthcoming, the dean shall refer the case to the appropriate vice chancellor. The vice chancellor shall consult with the vice chancellor for research and shall initiate an investigation and/or hearing as prescribed in Faculty Manual, Part VII and Appendix D and apply sanctions as determined by university policies. Such sanctions may range from administrative intervention to dismissal from employment, all in accordance with applicable university policies.