Issues of Importance for Faculty



Standards of Shared Governance (2005)

(adopted by the Faculty Assembly of the University of North Carolina and applied to the sixteen campuses in the university system.)


Specific sections in ECU Faculty Manual referencing Teaching Accountability (discussed with the Board of Trustees on 7-19-12)


Continuity of Instruction: During a Catastrophic Event (2012)

Result of Work Options Survey (March 09)


Faculty Benefit Survey Summary (November 2008)

Carnegie Engagement Classification

SACS Accreditation Project 2013 (link to working groups)

UNC Tomorrow: ECU's Response


UNC-GA Peer Institutions for ECU


Documents relating to the Faculty Senate structure and activities are linked here:

Parliamentary Motions Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Parliamentary Overview

Standards of Shared Governance

Who Needs Senates

Statement on Government of Colleges and Universities


AAUP (American Association of University Professors) ECU chapter

                    AAUP Report on Faculty Salaries (April 2008)


University Faculty Counselors


Sample of an External Review Letter (June 2007)
(used by both Academic Affairs and Health Sciences)

Internal Funding Sources (June 2007)

University Strategic Plans (March 2007)


Issues Impacting Faculty Recruitment and Retention (October 2006)

Provost's Committee on a Child Care Facility (October 2006)

Faculty Senate Survey on University Priorities (September 2006)

Task-Force on Fixed-Term Faculty Employment (September 2006)

ECU Centers and Institutes (2007)

Institutional, State, and Federal Priorities (2005)

Best Practices for Hiring EPA Faculty and EPA Administrator (2005)

Procedures for establishing new institutional centers and institutes (2004)

UNC Task Force Report on Faculty Dispute Resolution (2002)