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Minutes; Meeting of 10/8/2004

Educational Policies and Planning Committee

Academic Year 2004-2005


Regular Members in Attendance

Albright, Bruce

Hodson, Charles

Jordan, Caren

Mauger, Richard

Shlapentokh, Alexandra

Ex-Officio Members in Attendance

Eason, Frances

Reaves, Rita

Rigsby, Catherine

Thompson, Robert


Notification of Non-Attendance Prior to the Meeting

Allred, Linda

Worthington, Worth

Knickerbocker, Dale

Hernden, David for O'Neill, Maggie


Committee Business/Actions

1) Approved minutes of 9/10/04 meeting; Thompson moved for approval; Rigsby seconded


2) Set aside approval of the 2002-2003 Committee Annual Report for the next meeting, pending clarification of the status of certain committee actions/recommendations


3) Approved the request to establish a new BA degree in Geology; Thompson moved for approval; Eason seconded. Steve Culver represented the Geology Department.


4) Approved the contents of the proposal "Changes in the MS Industrial Technology and MS Occupational Safety programs; Thompson moved for approval; Mauger seconded. The proposal was represented by Charles Coddington, Biwu Yang, and Paul Kauffmann, Department of Industrial Technology and the College of Technology and Computer Science, and Trey Martindale, College of Education.


5) Approved the Notification of Intent to Plan a new minor in Indigenous Peoples of the Americas; Thompson moved for approval; Rigsby seconded. Linda Wolfe, Anthropology, and Randy Gilland, Academic Advisor, College of Health & Human Performance, represented the proposal.


6) Reaves provided members with a draft copy of a document entitled "Assessing Readiness to Offer New Degree Programs, Centers, and Institutes". The purpose of this document is to alert proposers of new programs (as noted in the title) to items, criteria, and standards that will be used in scrutinizing the proposed program on Campus and especially at the Office of the President.


Richard L. Mauger