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Minutes; Meeting of 11/12/2004

Educational Policies and Planning Committee

Academic Year 2004-2005


Regular Members in Attendance

Albright, Bruce

Allred, Linda

Hodson, Charles

Mauger, Richard

Shlapentokh, Alexandra

Worthington, Worth

Ex-Officio Members in Attendance

Knickerbocker, Dale

Reaves, Rita

Rigsby, Catherine

Thompson, Robert



Committee Business/Actions

1) Approved minutes of 10/8/04 meeting; Shlapentokh moved for approval; Rigsby seconded


2) Approved the Request to Merge Two Coded Units; approval means that the four departments now in the College of Technology and Computer Science (Industrial Technology, Construction Management, Planning, and Computer Science) would operate under the unit code approved for the College; Thompson moved for approval; Worthington seconded


3) Approved the Notification of Intent to Plan for a Masters of Science Degree in Construction Management; Worthington moved for approval; Shlapentokh seconded


Note: The Notification of Intent to Plan for a Masters of Science Degree in Software Engineering (listed as agenda item 3) had not been acted on by the Graduate Council, so any Committee action on this proposal would have been out of order. The proposal, with comments and recommendations, was returned to the submitting units (Departments of Computer Science and Industrial Technology, College of Technology and Computer Science).



Richard L. Mauger