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Minutes; Meeting of 2/11/2005

Educational Policies and Planning Committee

Academic Year 2004-2005


Regular Members in Attendance

Albright, Bruce

Hodson, Charles

Jordan, Caren

Mauger, Richard

Shlapentokh, Alexandra

Ex-Officio Members in Attendance

Knickerbocker, Dale

Rigsby, Catherine

Thompson, Robert


Excused Absence; Allred, Linda


Committee Business/Actions

1) Approved minutes of 1/14/05 meeting


2) Approved a request for Authorization to Establish a BS in Sports Studies; Thompson mover for approval; Albight seconded; Anthony Laker, EXSS, and Sharon Knight, College and Human Performance, presented the request.


3) Approved a Request for Permission to Establish a  new Interdisciplinary Minor in Russian Studies; Knickerbocker mover for approval; Thompson seconded; Elena Murenina, Dept. of Foreign Languages presented the request; John Stevens, Dept. of Foreign Languages, and Scott Snyder, Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences, spoke in support of the request.


4) Jocelyn Nelson and Bill Myers, School of Music, requested advice from the Committee on issues related to the School of Music's Distance Music Education program. No committee action was necessary on this item.



Richard L. Mauger