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Minutes; Meeting of 4/15/2005

Educational Policies and Planning Committee

Academic Year 2004-2005




Regular Members in Attendance

Albright, Bruce

Allred, Linda

Hodson, Charles

Mauger, Richard

Worthington, Worth

Ex-Officio Members in Attendance

Knickerbocker, Dale

Reaves, Rita

Rigsby, Catherine

Thompson, Robert



Committee Business/Actions

1) Approved minutes of 4/8/05 meeting


2) Approved a Request for Authorization to Establish an MA in Communication with emphasis on health communications; Thompson moved for approval; Allred seconded. Linda Kean and Linner Griffin represented the Communications Dept.


3) Discussed preparation of the EPPC annual report.


3) Discussed the need to identify contradictory or otherwise inappropriate language in the various documents, including the Faculty Manual, related to the curriculum planning and review process. This should be done over the summer so that in the fall (2005), the newly reconstituted Committee can be presented with the results and be well enough informed to take what action is necessary.


4) Discussed the need to develop ideas about the financial realities of starting  new PhD programs.



Richard L. Mauger