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Minutes; Meeting of 9/10/2004

Educational Policies and Planning Committee

Academic Year 2004-2005


Regular Members in Attendance

Albright, Bruce

Allred, Linda

Hodson, Charles

Jordan, Caren

Mauger, Richard



Ex-Officio Members in Attendance

Eason, Frances

Knickerbocker, Dale

O'Neill, Maggie

Reaves, Rita

Rigsby, Catherine

Thompson, Robert


Committee Business/Actions

1) Elected Officiers; The following officiers were elected.

Chair; Charles Hodson
Vice Chair; Linda Allred

Secretary; Richard Mauger


2) General discussion focused on ways to internally review proposed new programs and make recommendations that would improved chances for approval at the Office of the President, the transition of on-campus courses/programs to the Distance Education delivery format, and proceeding with the 5 yr academic plans.


Richard L. Mauger