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ANNUAL REPORT, 1999-2000


Faculty Governance Committee


1.  Membership (including ex-officio members):

      Henry Ferrell, chair

      Jim Joyce, vice-chair

      Christa Reiser, secretary, Fall, 1999

      Mark Taggart, secretary, spring, 2000

      Patricia Anderson

      Mary Glascoff

      Tinsley Yarbrough

      Toi Carter

      Brenda Killingsworth

      Richard Ringeisen

      Ralph Scott

      Donald Sexauer

      Worth Worthington


2.  Meeting Dates:

      Date:             Members Absent:


      Taggart (ERTS leave, fall, '99), Yarbrough 


      Taggart, Scott


      Taggart, Carter (Reaves for Ringeisen






      Anderson, Yarbrough (Reaves for Ringeisen)






      Anderson, Worthington


3.  Subcommittees established during the year:

Appendix C, Jim Joyce, chair

Contents of PAD, Donald Sexauer, chair


4.  Accomplishments during the year, especially as

addressed through committee goals.  Include

recommendations made to agencies other than the

Faculty Senate as well as the Faculty Senate.


The Committee successfully accomplished its goals for

the 1999-2000 academic year.  They completed

discussion of revision to Appendix C, which was

carried over from 98-99.  The committee made numerous

interpretations on Appendix D, for possible revision

to that Appendix.  There was continuing discussion on

faculty workload policies. A report on Fixed-term

faculty was in the gestation stage.  Interpretations

of the Faculty Manual were made to the School of Art,

the Department of English, the Department of

Communications, and the Health Sciences Library. 

Endorsed recommendation from Faculty Welfare

Committee regarding Harrassment Policies and

Emergency disaster Assistance     


5. Reports to the Faculty Senate:

A.    December, 1999: Interpretation of Appendix D,

Section IV. H. regarding non-concurring personnel

recommendations.  The report was approved without

discussion.  (Resolution #99-28)


B.    February, 2000 (rescheduled from January,

2000)presented the proposed interpretations of the

ECU Faculty Manual, Appendix L. approved as

presented.  (Resolution #00-3)


C.    March, 2000, presented a proposed addendum to

the ECU Faculty Manual,

Appendix D., Section IV.F.2., relating to faculty

PADs.  The proposed addendum would read: "A PAD once

submitted, becomes part of the candidate's personnel

record and the property of the University." Following

discussion, the motion to return the proposed

addendum to the Faculty Governance Committee for

further review was approved was presented. 

(Resolution #00-6)


D.    March, 2000: presented first the proposed

replacement for Section VI. Personnel/Evaluation

Files of Appendix C. of the East Carolina University

Faculty Manual. approved as amended. (Resolution #00-

12)  (Following approval by the Chancellor and Board

of Trustees, the replacement will be made to the ECU

Faculty Manual


E.    April, 2000:proposed revision to Appendix A,

Faculty By-Laws, proposed revision to Appendix L,

proposed interpretation of Appendix D, part IV. 


6.  Business carried over to next year:

A.    Report on Fixed-term faculty.

B.    Continued discussion of faculty workload


C.    Revising annual faculty evaluation form to

      accommodate the designation of Exemplary,

      Satisfactory, and Deficient.


7.  Evaluation of the committee:

A.    Charge:     The committee successfully

      completed its charge for the current


B.    Personnel:  The personnel were excellent and


C.    Attendance:excellent.

D.    Responsibilities:Clearly defined.

E.    Activities:The Committee met nine times, made

      four presentations which included seven resolutions,

      of which three are still pending.


8.  Suggestions to the Chair of the Faculty or to the

Faculty Senate for improving the effectiveness of the



This committee is effective and appropriate.


9. Does the Committee's organizational meeting next

year need to be earlier than the date set this year?

Yes. The committee intends to report to the Faculty

Senate in September, 2000.