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1999-2000 Academic Year


COMMITTEE:   Faculty Welfare



1.    Membership (include ex-officio members).

      Beth Winstead (chair)

      Michael Felts (vice chair)

      Mike Hayden (secretary)

      Elizabeth Layman

      Ken MacLeod

      Alexandra Shalpentokh

      Scott Frisch (ex-officio with vote, Representative

            of Faculty chair)

      Henry Peel (ex-officio without vote, Representative

            of Chancellor)

      Stewart Mixon (ex-officio without vote, Assoc. Vice

            Chancellor for Human Resources)


2.    Meeting Dates (include members absent).

      9/9/99      absent:  Elizabeth Layman, Scott Frisch

      10/14/99    absent:  Beth Winstead, Elizabeth  

                  Layman, Ken MacLeod, Henry Peel

      11/11/99    absent:  Ken MacLeod, Scott Frisch,      

                  Henry Peel

      12/9/99     absent:  Alexandra Shalpentokh,

                  Michael Felts

      1/13/00     absent:  Scott Frisch, Henry Peel,

                  Stewart Mixon

      2/10/00     absent:  Beth Winstead, Ken MacLeod,

                  Scott Frisch

      3/8/00      meeting cancelled due to conflicts with

                  chair and vice-chair

      4/13/00     absent:  Stewart Mixon, Mike Hayden,

                  Alexandra Shalpentokh, Scott Frisch,

                  Henry Peel


3.    Subcommittees established during the year (include

progress and/or completion of work).


Unit Informal Leave Policies - Committee created and

distributed a survey to all chairs and unit heads.  The results

of the survey have been submitted to administration for their



4.    Accomplishments during the year, especially as

addressed through committee goals.  Please include

recommendations made to any University agency other than

the Faculty Senate that will be noted under #5.


Day Care Concerns - The issue of day care for employees

was reported to be addressed by a study group in the

context of the next 5 year planning process.  The committee

deferred any action on this issue.


Faculty Disability issues - The committee verified that the

process for filing grievances under EEO does exist.  Brenda

Killingsworth, chair, has followed up with the EEO office in

regards to sending a letter to all faculty. 


Document "Requesting a Leave of Absence" - The

Governance Committee requested the Faculty Welfare

committee endorse a procedure for requesting a leave of

absence.  The Faculty Welfare committee returned this to

the Governance Committee with no action.


Harrassment Policies and Procedures - The harrassment of

Faculty by students is covered in the student Code of

Conduct.  After consultation with the Faculty Governance

committee it was determined that an electronic link should

be established from the Faculty Manual to the Code of



Hurricane Floyd - The committee discussed options for

faculty affected by Hurricane Floyd and the flooding in

relation to tenure and promotion.  The Committee

determined the Faculty Manual made provisions for such



5.    Reports to the Faculty Senate (include dates and

resolution numbers).


6.    Business carried over to next year (list in priority


1.    E-mail for retired faculty  - longer than one year


2.    Accessibility of Faculty Salary Survey - possibly ask

the Senate to pass a resolution requesting the Chancellor

create an administrative policy on this topic.


3.    Building Conditions


4.    Spousal Employment


5.    Day care issues - follow up with Administration to

      ensure this issue is being addressed.


7.    Evaluation of the committee (include anything that

hindered or assisted the committee's work during the year).


      A.    Charge:


      B.    Personnel:  Having Stewart Mixon as a

            resource for the committee was a great asset.


      C.    Attendance:


      D.    Responsibilities:


      E.    Activities:


8.    Suggestion(s) to the Chair of the Faculty and/or

Faculty Senate for improving the effectiveness of the




 9.   Does the Committee's organizational meeting next year need to be earlier than the       date set this year? X_____no