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1998-1999 Academic Year


1. Membership (include ex-officio members).


Kathryn Greene (chair)         Gary R.

Greenstein (sec.)              Shen Guoqiang

Sean Kelly (vice-chair)        Cliff Knight

Elizabeth Layman               Stewart Mixon (Human Res.)

Henry Peel (Vice Chan. rep)    Scott Thompson (Faculty Chair rep.)


2. Meeting Dates (include members absent).


09/10/98    absent:  Shen Gouqiang, Elizabeth

Laymen, Stewart Mixon, Scott Thomson


10/08/98    absent:  Elizabeth Laymen, Scott Thomson


11/12/98    absent:  Gary R. Greenstein, Scott



12/10/99    absent:  Sean Kelly, Cliff Knight, Scott



01/14/99    absent:  Gary R. Greenstein, Henry Peel,

Shen Gouqiang, Scott Thomson


02/11/99    absent:  Gary Greenstein, Cliff Knight,

Shen Guoqiang, Elizabeth Laymen, Scott Thomson


03/11/99    absent:  Shen Guoqiang, Sean Kelly,

Elizabeth Laymen, Henry Peel, Scott Thomson


04/08/99    absent: Shen Guoqiang, Cliff Knight,

Elizabeth Laymen, Henry Peel, Scott Thomson


3. Subcommittees established during the year

(include progress and/or completion of work).


Campus child care-related issues will be carried over

to next academic year (are working on survey)


4.  Accomplishments during the year, especially as

addressed through committee goals.  Include

recommendations made to agencies other than the

Faculty Senate as well as the Faculty Senate.


Revision and editorial change of ECU Faculty Manual

regarding retired faculty privileges (adopted).


Disability services for faculty members will be handled

by EEO office.


Discussed with Dennis Young the 5-yr. reallocation of

the seating plan and its impact on faculty football



Discussed with Nancy Mize faculty (active and retired)

access to the student recreation center.


Discussed the extension of benefits to significant

others (referred to State Benefits committee; statute



Discussed tuition costs for dependents (are statute



Parking Services agreed to extend temporary parking

permits so that faculty may receive a paycheck before

having to pay the fee (semester to semester faculty

cannot use payroll deduction).


Discussed the possibility of earlier  first paychecks

with the benefits office.   This is not feasible without

changing employment start date.  Both the ECU and

State credit unions offer signature loans.


Discussed "spouse only" (rather than family) and non-

maternity options for health coverage (referred to State



Discussed with benefits office the accuracy of

retirement benefits estimates.


Stewart Mixon reported on General Assembly benefit

review process.


Forwarded letter detailing potential welfare issues for

Distance Education initiative.


Forwarded information to help clarify portions of the

Phased Retirement letter sent to faculty.


Discussed with Garrie Moore the Department of Labor

audit and minority issues for faculty.


Forwarded a request to state benefits committee to

consider inclusion of real estate investment options for



Discussed with ML Antieau (Dean of Students office)

problems of off campus harassment of faculty by



5. Reports to the Faculty Senate (include dates and

resolution numbers).


Resolution 98-23


6. Business carried over to next year (list in priority



1. Discussion on providing daycare


2. Discussion of the equity of unit informal leave



3. Discussion of the problem of full time faculty

regularly employed semester to semester

(without benefits).


4. Formal notification from Garrie Moore/EEO office

of how faculty disability issues will be addressed;

assist with publicizing this issue.


5. Work with Dean Antieau, Stewart Mixon and

Garrie Moore to publicize the University

policy/procedures for addressing harassment of



7.Evaluation of the committee (include anything

that hindered or assisted the committee's work

during the year).


A. Charge:


B. Personnel:  The presence of Lori Lee at meetings as a

resource person was a great benefit to committee. Stewart Mixon's

attendance, input, and prompt response to committee issues was



C. Attendance:    largest hindrance to committee

(problems with both continuity and quorum)  There is a need for

more commitment from ex-officio members to attend meetings and

participate in the working of the committee


D. Responsibilities:  need to better distribute workload among

committee members


E. Activities:


8. Suggestion(s) to the Chair of the Faculty and/or

Faculty Senate for improving the effectiveness of the



See above