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2001-2002 Academic Year




1.              Membership (include ex-officio members).

          Allan Rosenberg                       Carroll Varner

          David Hursh                              Dorothy Spencer

          Tom Raedeke                           Alexandra Shlapentokh

          Gay Wilentz                              Paul Gemperline

          John Stevens                            Sadie Cox

          Ann Schreier                             Mary Ann Rose

          Marianna Walker

          Salman Abdulali                        Chris Beacham

          Diane Rogers                            Ellen Arnold


2.       Meeting Dates (include members present*).

* and members who contributed to committee action, but were not at the meeting.

8-15-01:       Rosenberg, Hursh, Radedeke, Wilentz, Walker, Stevens, Schreier, Varner, Spencer, Shlapentokh, Gemperline, Cox

9-19-01:       Hursh, Walker, Schreier, Stevens. Gemperline, Spencer, Varner

10-17-01:     Schreier, Raedeke, Wilentz, Walker, Varner

11-14-01:     Hursh, Rosenberg, Schreier, Stevens, Wilentz, Gemperline, Rogers, Varner

1-16-02:       Abdulali, Hursh, Raedeke, Schreier, Stevens, Walker, Gemperline, Rose,  Shlapentokh, Arnold(substitute for Wilentz), Astle (substitute for Varner)

2-20-02:     Walker; Schreier, Abdulali, Stevens, Shlapentokh, Varner, Rose

3-19-02:       Hursh, Raedeke, Schreier, Stevens, Coghill, Gemperline, Rogers, Rose and Varner

4-17-02:       Abdulali, Hursh, Raedeke, Stevens, Walker, Gemperlne, Morrison, Rose and Varner


3.       Subcommittees established during the year (include progress and/or completion of




4.      Accomplishments during the year, especially as addressed through committee goals.  Please include recommendations made to any University agency other than the Faculty Senate that will be noted under #5.

Chair Allan Rosenberg led the committee through the Fall semester, during which the committee reviewed the results of the faculty survey from Spring 2001 and began discussion of the liaison program, the journal reallocation process, and allocation of materials budget.  Thereafter, under the leadership of Vice Chair Schreier, the Committee:         

§         Reviewed charge from the Faculty Senate.

§         Reviewed extensively the Journal re-allocation process with approval of policy to convert to electronic journals whenever made necessary by budgetary considerations.

§         Reviewed materials budgets of both libraries.

§         Reviewed web and electronic services of libraries- with recommendation that libraries continue work to increase ease of use by faculty and students while at the same time remain dedicated to the acquisition of knowledge as well as the dissemination of information.

§         Encouraged Joyner libraries redefining of the library liason to include information exchange between faculty and libraries administration and staff.

§         Reviewed faculty concerns relating to the library.

§         Discussed establishing a regular survey process of library users (Students & Faculty).

5.       Reports to the Faculty Senate (include dates and resolution numbers).



6.       Business carried over to next year (list in priority order).

§         How best to promote the Library liaison program, including making a report to the faculty senate in the Fall.

  • Future survey recommendations, use of the online National Library Service Quality Survey (libqual).
  • Continued review of library services including liaison visits to all departments at a faculty meeting.
  • Continued review of materials budgets for both libraries.
  • Action on suggestions for improvements from SACS.
  • Improvement of web sites, including addition of joint online catalog search of all constituent libraries.


7.       Evaluation of the committee (include anything that hindered or assisted the

          committee's work during the year).


          A.       Charge:       Met charge


          B.       Personnel:   Library directors and staff provided active participation and assistance


          C.      Attendance:Fair attendance by faculty


          D.      Responsibilities:    Adequate


          E.       Activities:     Extensive review of services.



8.       Suggestion(s) to the Chair of the Faculty and/or Faculty Senate for improving the

          effectiveness of the committee.

That the Chair of the Faculty welcome a report of the committee early in Fall 2002 on the library liaison program and a resolution asking all academic units to welcome visits from library liaisons to exchange information (educate faculty about new services and technologies, learn from faculty their suggestions for improvement of services and for sharing of expertise)


 9.      Does the Committee’s organizational meeting next year need to be earlier than the date set this year?    no 


                                                                      Chairperson:         Ann Schreier, Nursing


                                                                      Secretary:   John Stevens, Foreign Languages