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2003-2004 Academic Year


COMMITTEE: Libraries


1.         Membership: Regular members — Marianna Walker, Ed Wall, Ann Schreier,

Salman Abdulali, Harrell Allen (Fall semester), Susan DelVecchio (Spring Semester),

Jonathan Wacker (Fall Semester), Dori Finley (Spring Semester), Kevin Gross (Spring

Semester), and Thomas Douglass. Ex officio members - Carroll Varner, Dorothy

Spencer, Henry Ferrell, and Ian Baer.


2.         Meeting Dates:

September 22, 2003 -- Carroll Varner, Marianna Walker, Henry Ferrell, Dorothy

Spencer, Thomas Douglass, Salman Abdulai, and Ann Schreier.

October 15, 2003 -- Ann Schreier, Salman Abdulali, Jonathan Wacker, Ed Wall, Dorothy

Spencer, and Henry Ferrell.

November 19, 2003 -- Salman Abdulai, Ann Schreier, Marianna Walker, Ed Wall

Thomas Douglass, Carroll Varner, Dorothy Spencer, and Henry Ferrell

January 21,2004 — Salman Abdulai, Ann Schreier, Marianna Walker, Ed Wall, Thomas
Douglass, Don Finley, Carroll Varner, Dorothy Spencer, and Henry Ferrell
February 18, 2004 -- Salman Abdulali, Ann Schreier, Marianna Walker, Ed Wall,
Thomas Douglass, Dori Finley, Susan DelVecchio, Kevin Gross, Dorothy Spencer, and

Carroll Varner.

April 21, 2004 -- Susan DelVecchio, Kevin Gross, Henry Ferrell, Salman Abdulali, Ed

Wall, Marianna Walker, Ann Schreier, and Jeff Coghill for Dorothy Spencer.


3.         Subcommittees established during the year: NONE


4.         Accomplishments during the year, especially as addressed through committee goals.

•    Support for the acquisition and personnel budgets was obtained from University Budgets Committee.

•    Continued Progress was made on the SFX system and the cross-searching capabilities of Joyner and HSL libraries.

•    Senate Libraries Committee’s quality functioning allowed for disbandment of HSL faculty advisory committee.

•    Continued improvement was made in libraries liaisons.


5.         Reports to the Faculty Senate: None


6.         Business carried over to next year (listed in priority order).

•    Consider options for improving access to scholarly publications in light of escalation of cost of journal acquisitions both on-line and in hard copy.

•    Continue to discuss ECU Libraries and faculty use of open access journals.

•    Review libraries’ budgets.


•    Report on results of libraries’ evaluation through Libqual.

•    Monitor status of ILL (interlibrary loan) pilot for Allied Health and Nursing.


7.        Evaluation of the committee (include anything that hindered or assisted the committee’s work during the year).

A.       Charge: No issues; Charge met.

B.        Personnel: David Durant’s report was particularly helpful report on issues of scholarly access and open access journals; other libraries personnel were helpful in committee’s work

C.       Attendance: This year’s attendance was very good.

D.       Responsibilities: Adequate.

E.        Activities: Material from David Durant’s report on Scholarship and open access journals was added to Faculty Senate’s Website.


8.        Suggestion(s) to the Chair of The Faculty and/or Faculty effectiveness of the committee. None.


9.        Does the Committee’s organizational meeting next year date set this year? No

If yes, when do you prefer:



      Signed: Chairperson